Land Records

Land Records


One of the most interesting aspects of family history is finding out where your ancestors lived and even visiting the location.

Searching these records

Use your browser’s “search” facility to look for particular names. It is also suggested that you browse the entire listing as you may recognize spellings not known to the transcribers.


Register of Houses and Land 1871-1889 – transcription

This volume appears to contain a listing of blocks of land, houses and commercial premises in and around Hill End & Tambaroora which were recorded as being taken up by individuals between the period of 16 May 1871 to 9 April 1889.

It records

  • The date of the transaction
  • The name of the registered owner
  • The location
  • A description of the property
  • the purpose for which it was registered.

The whole register has been transcribed by Alison Briggs and does not include any further information other than what is described above. As the handwriting is sometimes hard to decipher some names or locations may not be correctly listed. If you can assist us with amendments, then please contact us.

It has also been indexed into alphabetical order by the applicant’s surname and shows the page numbers in the original volume (held in a private collection) where particular entries appear for specific names.

A small number of almost “residential claims” which include “houses and allotments” and “gardens” also appear in the latter part of the Register of applications for suspension of working conditions 1870 – 1873. It may be worthwhile browsing this database as well.


Land Occupancy in Hill End Index

The names in this index are those associated with the blocks of land in Hill End (not necessarily the first leaseholders). It records the Section & Allotment or Portions that they owned.  Much of this was also recorded in a working document “I have built a house in Clarke Street” which was produced in 1989 by B. J. Johnson. It covers a period of approximately 1870 – 1890.

In compiling this listing the authors have referred to a number of sources including certificates of title, survey plans, Lands Department files and NPWS acquisition files. It appears that major survey work was carried out from 1871 onwards however there are some blocks which do not have an original survey date and some that were surveyed in the late 1860s.

Another listing, that of just the name of the first landowners, which has been extracted from the early maps of the district, has been interfiled to produce as complete a listing as possible. It is not an exhaustive listing but is the best that we can do with the resources available.

This listing is arranged alphabetically by landowner’s name and includes those names recorded on the Map of Hill End – as well as those names in “I have built a house in Clarke Street”. If no page number is recorded it means that the name appears on the map only.

Hill End & Tambaroora Property Ownership Index

In 1988 Ces Bartlett compiled a name index of people associated with properties in Hill End and Tambaroora from the 1860s until the 1980s. It shows the Sections & Allotments and Portions and is based on publicly available sources, including Crown Plans. Locations of these properties can be found on the Hill End town map and the Tambaroora town map.

Tambaroora original leaseholders

The listing of names refers to the Section & Allotment or Portions recorded by location on the map of Tambaroora.

For more detailed information on Land occupancy in Tambaroora, refer to the map and names on the website.