Local Government

Local Government

Local Government


Hill End has had many masters looking after the local infrastructure.

Prior to the introduction of municipal or borough councils the Governor was in charge of all governmental responsibilities. As the colonial government could not provide adequate local services to all areas, the opportunity to establish municipal institutions was presented.


Borough of Hill End

Hill End Borough Council was constituted on 6 August 1873. A petition signed by 587 people was published in the NSW Government Gazette on 1 April 1873, requesting a council to be formed in Hill End district, in the county of Wellington. Population was recorded as being less than 4,000.

View more information about the Borough and  a listing of all the Aldermen  during this period.


"THE PASSING OF A MUNICIPALITY." Wellington Times 13 July 1908

“THE PASSING OF A MUNICIPALITY.” Wellington Times 13 July 1908


Shire of Turon

The Shire of Turon was established in 1906 and its boundaries included Hill End & Tambaroora.

The Municipality of Hill End was united with Turon Shire under the Local Government Act of 1906 and proclaimed in the NSW Government Gazette No. 70, of 17 June 1908.


Evans Shire

When Turon Shire was abolished on 1 October 1977 it was taken over by the Evans Shire.


Bathurst Regional Council

Subsequently, Bathurst Regional Council took over municipal responsibilities when Evans Shire was dissolved on 26 May 2004 and the town remains part of this Council area today.


National Parks & Wildlife Service

The Historic Site, which was proclaimed in 1967 is administered by the National Parks and Wildlife Service in collaboration with the Bathurst Regional Council.