Electoral Rolls

Electoral rolls

NSW State & Commonwealth of Australia Electoral Rolls 1869 – 1968


The Gathering Group has access to most of the available electoral rolls for the period 1869 -1968. This listing was compiled by Helen Wood in 2011. If you need a look up, please contact us.

The following is a list of those electoral rolls relevant to the Hill End & Tambaroora area during this period.  At various times Hill End was located within different electoral divisions and these are denoted in the list by prefixes:-

  • W=Wellington
  • M=Mudgee
  • R=Robertson
  • G=Gwydir
  • L=Lawson

Rolls that are accessible on Ancestry.com.au are in bold italics.

Rolls that are accessible on Findmypast website are in bold italics underlined.

Click on the links below for rolls that are currently on this website.

Years Held:-

W1869-70, W1870-71, W1873-74, W1874-75, W1876-77, W1877-78, W1878-79,

M1881-82, M1882-83, M1884-85, M1885-86, M1886-87, M1887-88, M1888-89,

M1889-90, M1890-91, M1891-92, M1892-93, M1893-94,

W1894, W1894-95, W1895-96, W1896-97, W1897-98, W1898-99, W1899-1900,

R1903, M1904/05, R1906, M1907, R1908, R1909, M1912, M1912-13, M1913, R1913, M1914, M1915, R1915, M1916, R1916, M1917, R1917, M1919, R1921, R1922, R1925, M1926, R1926, M1927, M1928, R1928, M1929, R1930, R1931, R1932, R1933,

G1934, G1935, G1936, G1937, G1938, G1939, G1940, G1941, G1943, G1944, G1946, G1947,

L1949, L1950, L1951, L1953, L1954, L1955, L1958, L1959, L1960, L1961, L1963, L1964, L1968. 

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