Book Indexes

In the past many local history books were produced just a brief index or with none at all. For the family or local historian an index is an essential tool in the research process. Our volunteers have undertaken the task of indexing a selection of books relating to the Hill End & Tambaroora district thus saving the researcher many hours of trolling through the publications in search of that gem of information. In most instances they have limited the indexes to family names or locations. If large lists of names were included in the books these were not repeated in the index however an asterisk appears against the bibliographic details of the books listed on our Researching Hill End – Books page.

The following books have been indexed:


Hill End & Tambaroora Gathering Group Newsletters
Howard, A E Born on Hill End Goldfields
Rule, John The Cradle of a Nation
Hodge, Brian Frontiers of Gold
Drinkwater, Malcolm The German-Australian called Holtermann
Neary, Henry H Ghosts of the Goldfields
Goodwin, Bruce Gold and People
Pearce, Joyce Gold Nuggets Galore at Sofala
Helen Wood & Lorraine Purcell Golden Diggers
Brooks & Purcell Golden Journeys
Hodge, Harry Guide to Historic Hill End
Hodge, Harry Hill End Story Bk 1
Hodge, Harry Hill End Story Bk 2
Hodge, Harry Hill End Story Bk 3
Friend, Donald Hillendiana
Baker, Robert G V The Second Rush
Rule, John Sofala Days and Turonites
Hodge, Brian Valleys of Gold