2024 Annual Gathering – Saturday, 2 March


The Gathering is held annually on the first Saturday in March at Rhodes Park in Concord. 

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You are invited to join us to celebrate your ancestors’ connections to Hill End and Tambaroora.


Rhodes Rotary Park
Killoola St, Concord
Saturday, 2 March 2024, 10am – 4pm
(Adjacent to the Kokoda Memorial Walkway and Brays Bay)

For more photos of past Gatherings check out our Gallery.

To see where we will be and to chart your course to Rhodes Park just click on the link below:

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Some people arrive with morning tea, others bring lunch and a few arrive with afternoon tea… the keen ones will be there for breakfast! It is a very free form gathering and is an excellent opportunity for those with ancestors from the region to meet with others who have a similar interest. Initially started as a reunion for those who lived in the Hill End & Tambaroora area to get together, the Gathering is gradually evolving into a meeting place for those with links to the district to join in as well and share their experiences and family history research.

Rhodes Park has now become our new “home” (after 70+ years meeting in the Royal Botanic Gardens) and caters well to our requirements. We were sad to leave the Sydney Botanic Gardens but our new venue provides public transport access, plenty of parking, toilets and a Kiosk and a large Shelter Shed which we have booked solely for our use all day.

There will also be a selection of reference materials on display & available for perusal on the day. Boiling water, and coffee & tea making facilities will also be available.

If you wish to purchase any of our publications these will be available for sale as well. We now have Pay Pal and credit card facilities but prefer cash or cheques.

What do people bring? As in the past years the following suggestions are a few ideas that have come to mind….

  • Well, there are some tables and seating available in the Shelter Shed but if you are coming by car, it might be a good idea to bring along your lightweight picnic chairs/table or picnic rug, so we can spread out and be comfy.
  • Bring your morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and whatever “refreshments” that will be needed to sustain you for the day. The nearby cafe has closed, awaiting new tenants, so please bring along a picnic lunch. We will supply boiling water, and coffee & tea making facilities. Please bring your own mug if you can.
  • Bring a couple of copies of the “potted” version of your family history, including photos (but remember that old ones are easily damaged by handling, so perhaps now is a good time to have copies made and these can be made available for others to have a look at – leave the originals at home!) This may be an opportunity to swap stories and information.
  • Wear a name label with your name on it, (in LARGE PRINT so others can read it without glasses!) and also the main family names that you are associated with. Maybe a large sign, with the family name, that can be put on your “campsite” so that others can make themselves known to you as well.
  • Notepad and pens etc to jot down the contacts if necessary and camera to get that memorable shot.
  • If you have the opportunity to prepare a small “handout” that gives your name and contact details and the families that you are interested in (no more than a page), it may be worthwhile. Make a few copies of this that can then be swapped if you find others have a similar interest. – saves a lot of writing down in the excitement of the moment of finding others “doing” the same family.

So, there you have it! This may be an opportunity to meet the faces that match many of the names we have been corresponding with in the past 12 months. It is also an opportunity to renew the friendships made at previous reunions. As it is a very informal get together there is no need to “book” to come to the gathering. We’re sure to all fit in! Our venue should also provide sufficient shelter if the weather is inclement.


How to get there

Please click here for information on how to get to Rhodes by car or public transport.