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Our Projects

Our Projects

Our Projects

Our Projects

Our Projects

Our Projects

HEATGG volunteers are continually involved in a variety of projects. Here you will find regular updates and new projects as they develop.

Hill End Family History Centre now in Hill End.

Through a special arrangement with National Parks & Wildlife Service (Hill End) we now have the use of the historic Northey’s Store in Clarke Street, Hill End as a Family History Centre.

Here you will find a large selection of material pertaining to families who lived in Hill End, Tambaroora, and the surrounding district. This is a combination of Daphne’s Hill End Family History collection and the HEATGG Collection of material, much of which is regularly taken to the Annual Gathering at Rhodes.

All our publications are available for sale as well as a small selection of Hill End souvenirs, maps, greeting cards, prints & artworks.

Our volunteers are happy to show you our resources and help you research your family tree.

The Family History Centre is open
Saturday: 11am – 4pm
Sunday: 10am – 2pm
Wednesdays: 11am – 3pm depending on volunteer availability.
Or by appointment: please ring: 0429 335 627
Or email: heatgg@yahoo.com.au

We are looking at expanding our group of volunteers who would like to help at our Centre too, so that we can assist more people discover their Hill End & Tambaroora families.

For those who wish to visit and volunteer at the Centre on a weekend we do have cosy accommodation available nearby at a VERY reasonable rate. Please contact Lorraine for more details. Come and spend a week in town, research your family history and meet & talk with those who drop in to our Centre on the weekends.

Northey’s, Clarke Street c 1970.

Northey’s Store c 1970

Northey’s in the snow – 11 June 2021


Digging into the Past – Pioneer Cemeteries in the Hill End & Tambaroora District (ongoing)

Aim, objective & outcome of the project

HEATGG aims to locate the Pioneer Cemeteries at Tambaroora and Bald Hill as well as record a history of all other known cemeteries in the locale.

Our objective is to produce a comprehensive list of deaths in the district and record the burial places of these people if known.
The outcome will be a multimedia publication which will be of interest to descendants, local and family history researchers, libraries and the general public.

Our work so far:

Grant funding from Bathurst Regional Council and the Royal Australian Historical Society allowed us to engage forensic archaeologist, Dr. Louise Steding and her husband Gerald, to carry out stage 1 of the project. They used Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), to survey the 3 sites chosen. After establishing the approximate location volunteers cleared the sites to make them accessible for the survey. A final report of this aspect has been produced.

Part 1 of the project also included recording of our activities at the three sites on video and this is available to be viewed here:

Photographer Di Greenhaw also recorded the events and produced a Photobook for our archives. The web album can be viewed on our Gallery page or click here to view the “Digging into the Past” web album.

Our volunteers, spearheaded by Helen Wood, continue to troll through the available records and newspaper articles to establish an exhaustive listing of deaths and burials in the district. Click here to view an online sample of this collaborative work: “Hill End, Tambaroora & District burials”

Golden Thirst: Colonial Hotels and Inns of Hill End, Tambaroora and the surrounding district (in preparation)

This book will cover the history of over 170 Inns and Hotels, Publicans and Breweries with an emphasis on those in the immediate Hill End and Tambaroora area.

Author Ray Samuel has completed his part of the manuscript after more than 3 years of travelling throughout the district, recording and photographing sites and digging deep into the archives and newspaper articles for fascinating snippets about life behind bars.

Editor Lorraine Purcell is now in the process of including material from the HEATGG files and records, to add a personal touch to these stories, with firsthand accounts and photographs.

Strive with Honour: Hill End Public School, a sesquicentenary history 

Hill End Public School opened on 1 May 1870. In November 2020 they will be celebrating 150 years of public education in the village.

Our latest publication, “Strive with honour” has been completed and is now available for purchase on our bookshop page (or click here).

This work is a story of more than just a school. It reflects a broad social history of the town over the past 150 years. Student enrolments reflect the ups and downs of a mining community. Over the years the school has produced Members of Parliament, numerous educators, historians, authors, artists, sportsmen & women, military & business people and social commentators. There are over 250 pages including full colour illustrations, and many photos that have not been published before. It is fully indexed with the names of those mentioned in the text and incorporates an almost complete list of principals and teachers who have spent some time in Hill End. One extremely important inclusion in this book is a listing of the 4500+ students (with parent or guardians’ names) who attended the school over the first 100 years. Painstakingly transcribed from the Admission Registers by Gathering Group volunteers, this listing places family members in the town where no other records may exist to demonstrate their presence there. An added bonus for family historians.

Check out the photos of the 150th Celebrations here.

If you have any enquiries about these project please Contact us.