Here you will find a selection of documents that have been transcribed by the volunteers. When you start looking for resources the researcher can become overwhelmed by the wealth of material available.

We have accessed and transcribed original material from sources such as the State Library of New South Wales, State Records, National Archives of Australia, as well as indexing books, periodicals and searching out related websites.

We have also been fortunate that other keen collectors of HillEndiana have allowed us to access and share their personal collections of photographs, documents, records and family histories. This material is what makes our website unique. Our aim is to collect the material and present it in one location to make investigating the district easier and more rewarding for the researcher.

We have attempted to provide a cross section of material which may assist in your research. Use the “search” function on the right to look for your ancestor’s surname and revisit this page on a regular basis as more items will be added over the next few months.

If you have, or know of, material that you think may be of interest to others and wish to share it then please contact us.


Petitions are one form of expressing the feelings of the masses regarding certain issues, usually of great import to the population. From the very early days the worthy citizens of Hill End, Tambaroora and districts embraced this action when they were not happy about a situation. Browse the database

Education in Hill End & Tambaroora

Here you will find information on the education opportunities available to the children, as well as school admission records and some Teachers’ rolls. Browse the database

Census records

Here you will find lists of householder names and residential locations in the Western Goldfields district, collected in the 1891 Census and 1901 Census. Browse the database

Electoral Rolls

The Gathering Group has access to most of the the available electoral rolls for the period 1869 -1968. The following is a list of electoral rolls relevant to the Hill End & Tambaroora area. Browse the database

Land records

The following is a list of land records, to help locate your ancestral properties. Browse the database

Mining records

Here you can view and browse a selection of lists of miners, registers and applications for various activities associated with mining in the district. Browse the database

Book Indexes

In the past many local history books were produced just a brief index or with none at all. For the family or local historian an index is an essential tool in the research process. Browse the database

Births, deaths & marriages

There are a number of alternative resources collected here for those searching for early births, deaths and marriages in the district. Browse the database

Diaries & Memoirs

Contemporary historical reports in the form of diaries and memoirs present an eye witness account of the life and times as seen by ordinary people. Browse the database

Post Office Directories

Post Office Directories are invaluable for locating a person at a place in a particular year. They often provide their occupation, which is very useful for researchers as well. Many have an alphabetical listing of names as well as by locality. Browse the database

Hill End War Memorial

Here you will find information about Hill End & Tambaroora’s contribution the First World War. It includes a list of all the servicemen and women who are commemorated on the War Memorial in Hill End, revamped in 2015 for the Centenary of Anzac. Browse the database


Hill End and Tambaroora were microcosms of all nationalities. People came from all over the world in the search for gold. They brought their language, customs, food and rituals. Browse the database


It wasn’t “all work and no play”. The early settlers enjoyed themselves with a variety of entertainment and sports in those early days. Browse the database

In our work we have come across numerous lists of occupations. Some of the more prominent ones have been Publicans and hotels, Nuns, and Medical Practitioners. If your ancestor was amongst these groups, then you may find them here. Browse the database
Local Government

Hill End has had many masters looking after the local infrastructure… Browse the database