Photographing Hill End & Tambaroora

Hill End and Tambaroora have been photographed since the 1870s. We have included a variety of old and new media of interest to our Group and those researching the area, covering the visual history of the villages for more than 140 year.

The Holtermann Collection

Clarke Street looking south with Captain Gus Pierce's Great Varieties Theatre (tent show, left) and Merlin's photographic cart (right), Hill End Wet plate glass negative, Holtermann Collection, ON 4 Box 10 No 70133

Clarke Street looking south with Merlin’s photographic cart (right), Hill End
Wet plate glass negative,
Holtermann Collection, ON 4 Box 10 No 70133

The name ‘Holtermann’ is synonymous with photographs of Hill End, Tambaroora and the surrounding goldfields. We are very fortunate to have a significant photographic record of the people and the locality taken between 1872 and 1875. The full story of the collection and biographies of those associated with it can be found at the website dedicated to Keast Burke. His initial work with this collection has helped make it available to us today. Further information about this collection, which has been recognized on the UESCO Australian Memory of the World register can be found on the State Library of New South Wales website.


Photographing Hill End & Tambaroora today

Hill ENd cottage

Since 2008 our volunteer, Di Greenhaw, has been following in Merlin’s footsteps and has photographically recorded the activities of the Gathering Group in Sydney and in Hill End. She has also employed her artistic eye to capture the seasonal vistas and minute details of so many aspects of  Hill End life and landscape. Most of the contemporary photographs in the following albums and throughout this website are a tribute to her creative skills.

If you have photos of the villages, especially those prior to 1960 that you would like to share, contact us for more details. We are happy to scan & return original photographs however please do not post them to us without contacting us first.


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