The HEATGG Newsletter is compiled twice a year and contains information of interest to those with Hill End connections. We welcome contributions for inclusion in this newsletter regarding your families from the areas. Please contact us if you have material that you wish to share with other researchers or those with an interest in the area.

Daphne Shead of Hill End Family History also produces a newsletter, keeping people up to date with matters in Hill End as well as including snippets of interest to family historians. Copies are available online as a free download from her website.

The Stamper Battery was the newsletter of the Hill End & Tambaroora Progress Association. Written, edited and produced by local residents, Glenn Woodley and Ronald Charles, with contributions from the local community, it provides a snapshot in time of the life and activities of the Hill End & Tambaroora citizens between 2004 until the last issue in June 2009. Historical information was also included. It was produced 3 – 4 times a year whenever there was enough news to disseminate. Electronic versions of the newsletter were also produced and with the kind permission of the editors we have been able to reproduce 21 issues here.  A smaller version, The Dolly Pot, was produced in mid-2009 and it ceased publication after that issue.

HEATGG Newsletter

Current Edition

An Index to issues 1 – 29 of the Newsletter (compiled by Alison Briggs) can be found here:

Past editions


The Stamper Battery – Newsletter of the Hill End & Tambaroora Progress Association


1 – Stamper Battery 2004 Oct Spring
2 – Stamper Battery 2004 Dec Xmas
3 – Stamper Battery 2005 March Summer
4 – Stamper Battery 2005 May Autumn
5 – Stamper Battery 2005 June Winter
6 – Stamper Battery 2005 Oct Spring
7 – Stamper Battery 2005 Dec Xmas
8 – Stamper Battery 2006 Feb Summer
9 – Stamper battery 2006 Autumn Easter
10 – Stamper Battery 2006 July Winter
11 – Stamper Battery 2006 Sept Spring
12 – Stamper Battery 2007 Feb Summer
13 – Stamper Battery 2007 Apr Autumn
14 – Stamper Battery 2007 June Winter
15 – Stamper Battery 2007 Oct Spring
16 – Stamper Battery 2008 Jan New Year
17 – Stamper Battery 2008 Feb
18 – Stamper Battery 2008 April Autumn
19 – Stamper Battery 2008 Sept Spring
20 – Stamper Battery 2008 November
21 – Stamper Battery 2009 April Autumn
22 – Dolly Pot 2009 June