1891 NSW Census


The following information has been taken from the State Records website.

This was the first census to survive in substance after the 1841 Census. Records of the intervening censuses are believed to have been destroyed in the Garden Palace fire on 22 September 1882. Only householders are listed. The names of the other people resident in the household are not identified.

About the 1891 Census

The 1891 Census  was taken on the 5th April 1891. The index to the collectors’ books records provides:

  • the name and number of the Census district
  • county
  • sub-district (borough or municipal district, ward, township or village, goldfield or island).
  • book number
  • item number
  • reel number

Our volunteers have extracted the majority (but not all) of districts pertinent to the Hill End area and volunteer, Sharon Hoyer, has transcribed the basic information from the following subdistricts:

County Sub District Book Reel Item
Wellington E Hill End 5 2545 [2/8406]
Wellington N-R 14 to 18 2545 [2/8406]
Wellington V Chinese 22 2545 [2/8406]
Roxburgh O Lower Turon 15 2518 [2/8408]
Roxburgh P Central Chinese 16 2518 [2/8408]
Roxburgh Q Wattle Flat 17 2518 [2/8408]
Roxburgh R Sofala 18 2518 [2/8408]
Roxburgh S North Turon 19 2518 [2/8408]
Roxburgh T Upper Turon 20 2518 [2/8408]


Search the list of approximate districts covered by these Census returns at the start. Click on the link in the subdistrict column to browse the householders in that sub-district. Here you may find your ancestors’ neighbours as well.

You can also search these records by householder name and by location. As with all handwritten documents the writing can be sometimes hard to decipher. If you feel that errors have been made then please contact us and we will adjust the records appropriately.

Microfilms of these original records can be accessed at NSW State Records.

New in 1891 NSW Census