Past Activity – Holtermann Exhibition Tour

Special Gathering Group Tour of the Exhibition and Website Launch- March 2013

Curator, Alan Davies,  presented a special private tour of this wonderful exhibition on Saturday, 16th March at 2pm for members of the Gathering Group. He gave insights into the photographic techniques and the fascinating story of Holtermann’s vision to sell Australia to the world. This was a great opportunity to see the collection up close, perhaps find an ancestor, and ask all those questions.

We worked closely with Alan Davies and other staff there in the preparation of material for this exhibition and in return we appreciate the support given to our Group by the State Library.

After the tour we gathered in the Friends Room in the Mitchell Library where we enjoyed afternoon tea (and perhaps a little more…) to officially launch our new website.

Photographs of the following people featured in the Exhibition amongst many other images:

Lysaught’s butcher shop, Hill End 1872

J Green’s Pie and Coffee Rooms, Hill End 1872

Charles Mayes, architect and surveyor, Hill End 1872

Wheelwright Burgess and Moller, Hill End 1872

Great Western Store, Hill End 1872 Henry Stuart

William Pullen

Edwin Hosie 1874

William Standen 1872

Mrs Southwell and baby 1874

Miss Davis and baby 1873

Alice Grotefent on her mother’s lap, 1872

James Letcher and twins

C. War

Master Coyle 1872

Miss Burgess  1874

Captain Gus Pierce 1872

Peter Myer

Samuel Buckett

Charles Shipway

White and Hewitt 1873

Miss Brady 1872

Dingle family 1873

Miss Geaney

Miss Taylor and Miss Paterson

Mrs Penhall and daughter 1873

Miss Jeffree

Reverend Thomas Tress Miss Kearnes

Mary and Sophia Myer  1872

Mr E. O’Brien

Adelaide Montgomery

Dr. and Mrs O’Connell 1874

On Gay, storeowner

August Gondolf

Seren Petersen and family