I am interested in the MILLETT and MOIR connection and on my side of the family I have two brothers, Joseph FAWCETT and Thomas FAWCETT. Joseph (also known as Joshua) was a convict who ended up as a market gardener owning land in Bathurst before moving to Sydney. While it is not definite it has always been a possibility that he made his money on the goldfields. The last reference we have to his brother Thomas FAWCETT (also a convict) was on the goldfields at Dirt Holes. I also have Thomas ROADS who, with three of his sons, came overland from South Australia, made their pile and used it to set themselves up as landholders at Yankalilla in South Australia. Sorry, don’t know which goldfields.

Update: 20 Feb 2013

The Fawcetts are from my side of the family and are likely to have > been early diggers.  Both were brothers, convicts, transported on the “John”.  Joseph was assigned in the Bathurst area and manages, by the time his 14 years is up, to have enough money for serious land  transactions in Bathurst and it has always been a point of conjecture how he came into those funds.  I’ve found no record of his certificate of freedom which should have been 1852.  Success on the goldfields is
just one possibility for his being in funds.   Thomas Fawcett disappears from the records after that Dirt Holes reference.