The Holtermann Collection 1872 – 1875

The Holtermann Photographic Collection at the State Library of NSW


We are very fortunate to have a significant photographic record of people and places in Hill End & Tambaroora between 1872 and 1875. The full story of the collection and biographies of those associated with it can be found at the website dedicated to Keast Burke . His initial work with this collection has helped make it available to us today.


Holtermann Portrait SLNSW

Bernardt O. Holtermann ON 4 Box 23 No 777 Digital order no: a2823861


The State Library of New South Wales has provided an overview of this collection in one of their Discover collections.  This is well worth a look.

In 2013 the ABC presented a program on the collection on their Landline Show in conjunction with the State Library’s exhibition. View it here:  The Greatest Wonder of the World.

Accessing specific photographs in the Holtermann collection

(PLEASE NOTE: The State Library is currently upgrading their Manuscripts, Oral History and Pictures catalogue. As of March 2017 these following instructions may no longer work. We have sought guidance from the Library and as soon as we receive new instructions we will update this page. We apologize for any inconvenience.)

In the meantime, the following just may work so we suggest you just click here to take you directly to the catalogue “Advanced Search”.

To ensure that you receive the best results for your search for photos in this collection it is suggested that you follow these instructions step by step.

  • In the first “search box” (where it says “Anywhere” on the left) type the word you are searching in the blank space …eg “Tambaroora”, “Hill End” or a particular family name, location or keyword. Don’t put any more initially as this will bring you up all the records which have the keyword in it anywhere. You can then include more search terms to refine your search if it brings up too many entries.
  • In the search box below that, type “American Australasian” as these keywords will reveal all the photos created by the A & A Photographic Company.
  • Leave the rest of the boxes blank and scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Search”.
  • Scroll down to see the results of your search. This should bring you up all the references pertinent to your enquiry.
  • Click on the thumbnail photo and it will take you to the individual catalogue entry which may give you more information about the particular photograph.
  • Click on the thumbnail again to obtain a larger version which will open in a new window. At the bottom of this larger version is a link to a “Zoomable image”.
  • Click on this label and the image will open in a new window. Use your mouse scroll button or the buttons on the screen to move around and zoom in on the photograph where the most amazing details can be seen.
  • Right click on the photo you can then “Save image as” and save it to your computer wherever you keep your photos for later viewing.