Hill End Pioneer Wall

Petition background

At the Gathering in March 2012, and again in October and March 2013, the matter was raised concerning the erection of a Pioneer Wall in Hill End to acknowledge the contribution made by our ancestors to the opening up and development or this part of the country.

It is recognized that so many of these intrepid families moved from the security of their existing lives, whether it be in Australia or overseas, in order to seek their fortunes and a living in a new world where they could be independent by using their strengths and skills. These families came from diverse backgrounds and cultures, yet all came together to establish Hill End and Tambaroora and many of these families intermarried and remain in the district to this day. However, others moved on, taking with them the experiences of a lifetime, to settle all over Australia.

Many of these families left no tangible monument in the form of headstones in the cemeteries to document their presence.  An appropriately designed and constructed Pioneer Wall in a central but discreet location, in keeping with the heritage nature of the environment, would be a suitable tribute to their time in the district. Small plaques identifying these families could be placed by the descendants, thus forging one more link with the Hill End community, and giving them a sense of tenure.

Pioneer wall sampleLes & Betty Wardman from Bathurst are keen to get this project under way and realize that in order to achieve this goal a considerable amount of Gathering Group and local community support is needed as the venture will ultimately need to be endorsed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.  It is possible that some funding may be available in the form of a grant from an appropriate source.

We envisage something similar to this wall on the left, incorporating quartz and other local rocks, would be appropriate to the historical nature of the village as it also encompasses the traditional techniques used by the settlers, using whatever resources were at hand.

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