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You are invited to share your Hill End & Tambaroora research or brick walls with others who visit this site.

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  • You may post as many enquiries as you like as long as they are related to the Western Goldfields area of NSW. We specifically deal with Hill End and Tambaroora but as many of the early settlers moved around the area we may be able to assist with research in other areas including Sofala, Wattle Flat, Pyramul, Ophir, Burrendong, and Hargraves.
  •  For ease of use please try to keep each post limited to one family name or location per enquiry.
  • To avoid repeating searches by those interested in helping please provide a list of resources that you have already checked out within in your enquiry.
  • Please consider your own security and do not post your home address or home phone online. Always use common sense when posting personal information online.
  • Remember, in order to receive family information you have to share your family genealogy with others. This may include telling others where you obtained your information. If you received your data from a specific person, please give them credit for providing you with their research findings. It might not only have cost them a lot of their valuable time and patience in deciphering old records, microfilm, etc. but additional expenses such as fuel, copying, research fees and travel expenses.

 Genealogy is all about helping others find their place in history.

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