Hill End Hearsay

– To the best of my memory

Second Edition

by Malcolm Drinkwater, published March 2013.

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An eclectic mixture of tales and history from the goldmining town of Hill End in central NSW many of these stories are based on “hearsay”. They have been collected by Malcolm over a long period and are now recorded for posterity. He has spoken to many of the town’s identities, past and present, and as he states on the title page “They thought their lives were ordinary, nothing special, their stories unimportant – they were wrong”.

In-between running his History Hill Museum on the outskirts of the town  and maintaining a working property, he has collected together his memories and interspersed the narrative with a wide collection of photographs, both historic and contemporary, in a style that is truly Malcolm’s. He writes as he speaks and you know it is from the heart.

This second edition has been expanded to include an index and more yarns and photographs and provides a good read for those interested in the more recent history and culture of this gold mining village and district.

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