Hill End Histories & Tambaroora Tales

An anthology of short stories based on fact…. and a little bit of fiction.

Written & published by members of the Hill End & Tambaroora Gathering Group compiled & edited by Lorraine Purcell (2009).

The number of books written about the once great gold mining towns of Hill End & Tambaroora can almost be counted on the fingers of both hands. Hill End Histories and Tambaroora Tales was a welcome addition to this exclusive market.

Once a thriving metropolis of over 7000 people in its heyday in the 1870s, Hill End is now a heritage village where you can step back in time and imagine how the early farmers and miners survived in the conditions of the day. When the gold ran out these settlers moved on to all parts of Australia. The actual descendants of these pioneers, members of the Hill End & Tambaroora Gathering Group, have put forward versions of their families’ lives and events during this period.

“In this eclectic volume can be found young hopeful parents and their children, hardworking families, courageous men and women, grieving mothers, broken fathers, joyful men and women too –  generation after generation of mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers  carving out a determined, resolute living in what was often an inhospitable and unforgiving landscape”.  

Noeline J Kyle
Honorary Professor
University of Sydney
author of “Writing Family History Made Very Easy”

A well presented compilation of entries written for the inaugural Hill End Family Story Award in April 2008, this inspiring anthology is now available in book form.  It is lavishly illustrated with family photos and finally puts stories against many of the photos in the historic Holtermann Photographic Collection held by the State Library of NSW. It also contains an index of names of people mentioned in the stories as well as information about the authors so that further contact can be made by those researching the specific families.

This limited edition volume is a welcome supplement to the biographical material contained in the Hill End & Tambaroora Pioneer Register which was published by the Group in 2006 and is an essential enhancement to any library, local studies or family history collection.

Due to popular demand this work is now Out of Print. However, copies occasionally appear on the second hand market.