WALPOLE DIARY INDEX 1923 to 1930 – Diary written by Mary Walpole

(Dunne) Belle 1923/10/05 Sun (My Sister) had a son on Saturday 22nd Sep. in Sydney
? Marjorie 1924/04/25 Fri Anniversary of her death 12 months ago
?, Jim Uncle 1928/10/16 Tue Was 66 yesterday
Ackerman, Jack Mr 1923/08/26 Sun Came to Hill End to start mining
Adler, Violet 1923/09/30 Sun Was married last Monday 24th
Alexander, Abbie Mr 1930/03/18 Sun His sister’s husband died last week, only married recently
Alexander, Dan & Wife 1924/12/18 Thu Came to Alexander’s
Alexander, Dave Mr 1925/08/02 Sun Came to see his Mother Mrs Alexander after her fall
Alexander, George 1927/11/03 Thu Died at Bathurst, buried at Tambaroora cemetery on Fri 4th
Alexander, Honey 1926/01/14 Thu Visited with Kathleen Colley and Grata Wiley
Alexander, Mrs 1923/09/09 Sun Went with to English cemetery with
Alexander, Mrs 1923/09/30 Sun Came to see Mrs Armstrong
Alexander, Mrs 1924/04/27 Sun Diarist visited
Alexander, Mrs 1925/09/23 Wed Turns 81 years on Friday 25th Sept.
Alexander, Mrs 1925/12/13 Sun Came home from Sydney on 10th
Alexander, Mrs 1926/09/26 Sun Birthday yesterday
Alexander, Mrs 1927/04/27 Wed Dangerously ill
Alexander, Mrs 1928/09/23 Sun Will be 84 on Tuesday 25th Sept.
Alexander, Mrs 1929/09/25 Wed Her birthday today she is 85
Alexander’s 1923/08/15 Wed Visited by diarist and saw Dutchie’s funeral
Alexander’s 1930/01/05 Sun Left for Sydney today
Alexandra Queen 1925/12/06 Sun Died sometime last month
Anderson, Bob 1924/01/19 Sat Died at Bathurst Hospital last night at 7 pm (18th)
Anderson, Bob Mr 1924/01/18 Died Bathurst District Hospital of cancer
Anderson, Frank 1924/06/01 Sun Visited
Anderson, Frank 1927/04/27 Wed Gossip says he married again to a Mudgee girl
Anderson, Frank Mrs 1925/04/23 Thu Died at Bathurst hospital this evening
Anderson, Frank Mrs 1925/04/23 Thu Died at Bathurst, buried in Tambaroora Cemetery on 25th Apr
Anderson, Jerry 1924/01/20 Sun With Mrs Anderson returning from funeral of Bob
Anderson, Jerry 1925/08/16 Sun Neighbour
Anderson, Jerry Mr 1927/09/16 Fri Died at Mudgee last Sunday 11th Sept.
Anderson, Maria 1924/07/27 Sun Visited her
Anderson, Maria 1925/10/19 Mon Her sister Francis is here
Anderson, Maria 1928/10/24 Wed Went to Bathurst to meet Frances Coombs
Anderson, Mrs 1925/04/25 Sat Buried today, leaves seven children
Anderson, R. Mrs 1923/09/02 Sun Called to see
Armstrong, Ada 1924/01/11 Tue Of Parkes, now Mrs Kerins
Armstrong, Arthur 1930/01/12 Sun Came to see Granma with Geo, young Arthur, Ray & family
Armstrong, Arthur & Ada 1930/02/02 Sun At Granma Armstrong’s home, she died Wed 29th Jan
Armstrong, Arthur Mrs 1930/01/12 Sun Diarist met, Arthur’s second wife
Armstrong, Goanna? & Roy 1923/09/30 Sun Came to visit
Armstrong, Granma 1923/11/26 Mon Visited by Joseph and Beatrice
Armstrong, Granma 1927/08/22 Mon Diarist spent the day with
Armstrong, Granma 1929/12/16 Mon Took violently ill today
Armstrong, Granma 1930/02/02 Sun Died last Wed 29th Jan at 2.30am
Armstrong, Mrs 1923/09/30 Sun Mrs Alexander came to see
Armstrong, Roy 1923/09/30 Sun Leaves on Tuesday
Arthur-Ross, Mary 1927/04/10 Sun Operated on for hydatids
Baskerville, Joe Mr (Old) 1927/04/10 Sun Came to Mr Sam Ellis’s yesterday
Beattie, Aggie 1927/09/18 Sun Told diarist William Beattie is bad with bronchitis
Beattie, William 1925/08/16 Sun Visited
Beattie, William 1927/09/18 Sun Bad with bronchitis said Aggie Beattie
Beck, Auntie 1926/08/22 Sun Attended Mr Cock’s funeral at Gulgong with Mrs Cock
Beech, Mr 1929/03/31 Sun Dick Hopman came up for his funeral
Beech, Mrs 1928/07/01 Sun Was operated on last week in Sydney
Benett, Jossie Mrs 1929/02/17 Sun Is very very bad in Sydney
Bennett, Violet 1924/03/15 Sat Won Box of Chocolate dance at ball with Norman Cross
Bertha 1923/10/14 Sun My Sister
Bisley 1924/08/24 Sun Bought Business from Warry Bros
Bisley 1924/10/19 Sun Policeman
Bisley 1924/11/15 Sun Policeman on holidays, Mr Ingram (policeman) relieving
Bisley, Mr 1923/09/30 Sun Leaves tomorrow
Black, Mr 1924/05/02 Fri Bought Eldridge’s old house carted it to Bargong
Black, Mr 1926/10/25 Sun Bought his property “Bargong” back
Black, Mr & Mrs 1926/09/19 Sun Collecting for the Hospital Bazaar
Blackett, M. Miss 1926/06/13 Sun With Mabel Pymont helped pack up for poor Mrs Macfarlane
Blewett, Dock, Wife, child 1927/05/15 Sun Came to Beatties
Bluett Reynolds, Ellen 1926/01/07 Thu Called with Kittie Bluett Reynolds
Bluett Reynolds, Kittie 1926/01/07 Thu Called with Ellen Bluett Reynolds
Braily, Mary 1929/02/16 Sat (Mrs Arthur Ross) she is looking well
Brandon, Mrs 1926/01/07 Thu Wrote a letter to
Bridie, Kathleen 1927/05/25 Wed Of Sally’s Flat, was confirmed
Brodie, Annie 1923/08/12 Sun Had a coat made by Mrs Lye
Brodie, Annie 1927/01/31 Mon Went to Tambaroora school this morning
Brodie, Annie 1929/10/28 Mon In Hill End hospital with scarlet fever
Brodie, Bill 1927/04/03 Sun Bought Jack Seaman’s at Hill End today
Brodie, Elsie Teresa 1925/05/18 Mon Christened by Fr Dunn
Brodie, Ivy 1928/08/27 Mon Birthday 22nd August
Brodie, Jack Mrs 1927.04/05 Tue Came to Kimm’s today
Brodie, Jack Mrs 1928/08/27 Mon Came to Sarah Brodie for her birthday today
Brodie, Jack Mrs & Family 1928/03/18 Sun Came to see Sarah yesterday
Brodie, Jack, Mrs 1927/05/25 Wed Went to Portland last week, they live on Ullamalla Station
Brodie, Jack, Wife & Family 1927/04/25 Mon Went to Ullamalla to live in Kimm’s home
Brodie, Sara 1925/05/18 Mon Had daughter christened by Fr Dunn, Elsie Teresa Brodie.
Brodie, Sarah 1923/08/05 Sun Given £1.0.0 by Mr Kimm
Brodie, Sarah 1923/08/12 Sun Went to Hill End
Brodie, Sarah 1923/09/30 Sun Has the flu
Brodie, Sarah 1923/10/01 Mon Left Kimm’s last Wednesday
Brodie, Sarah 1924/04/20 Sun Had a baby daughter at 1 am at Kimm’s
Brodie, Sarah 1928/08/27 Mon Her birthday today, Mrs Jack Brodie came to see her
Brodie, Tim Mrs 1930/02/09 Sun Mary Sargents had a son at her place on Fri 7th Feb
Brody, Annie 1928/07/11 Wed Her birthday today
Brooke-Moore, Dr 1928/08/24 Fri Attending Mrs Dove is dangerously ill in Hill End Hospital
Brooke-Moore, Dr 1929/06/20 Thu Operated on Mrs Bill Hamilton for cancer
Brosnan, Father (Fr) 1927/12/04 Sun Came home from hospital in Sydney on Friday 2nd Dec
Brosnan, Fr 1927/01/16 Sun New priest
Brosnan, Fr 1927/08/21 Sun In Lewisham hospital, Sydney
Brosnell, Fr 1927/04/24 Sun Visited diarist
Bruce, Mr 1924/11/11 Wed Prime Minister, will call at Tambaroora school tomorrow
Burfitt, Mr 1926/08/22 Sun Auction sale
Burke 1925/01/03 Sat Left for Sydney
Burke, Bille 1927/12/19 Died Sydney after falling off a cliff
Burke, Ellen, Nellie, Willie 1925/01/01 Thu Came today
Burnett, Mr 1928/11/04 Sun New Postmaster arrived last Friday, Has a wife and 2 kids
Burns, Jack 1925/06/09 Tue Sent Lindsay a tennis racquet for his birthday
Burns, Jack 1926/01/15 Fri Came back to Hill End
Busby, Dr 1925/02/08 Sun Dr Bathurst
Byrnes, Mrs 1929/12/08 Sun Les Hamilton ran in her lorry with his bike
Canberra 1927/05/10 Tue Opening of Canberra yesterday
Canning, Mr 1925/10/14 Wed New policeman came last Thursday
Canning, Mr 1927/02/20 Sun Policeman leaves on Monday 28th Feb
Carrols, Mr 1927/04/10 Sun Married Becky Ross, she died of cancer
Carver, Geo. Mr 1924/09/18 Thu Died last Monday at Sydney
Carver, George 1924/09/15 Brother of Mrs Gorman, died in Sydney
Carver, Old Lady 1926/11/18 Thu Is in St Vincent’s Hospital, Bathurst, but died today 18th
Cavanagh, Joe 1924/02/26 Wed His wife and family came to Hamilton’s last Friday
Cavanaugh, Joe 1924/01/22 Tue Burnt out at Wallerawang last week
Chapman, Miss 1927/11/27 Sun Won a horse in an art union worth over £2,000
Church, Mr A 1927/04/17 Sun Of “Alpha” has gone away to be married
Clement & McCathy 1926/07/22 Thu Auctioneers for sale of Ullamalla Station
Clifton, Arthur 1923/08/02 Sun Has the flu
Clifton, Arthur 1925/10/11 Sun Brought from Lithgow to Ryan’s.
Clifton, Elsie 1925/03/11 Wed Birthday today
Clifton, Elsie 1925/10/07 Wed With daughter Patricia, 11 months old visited
Clifton, Elsie 1928/03/11 Sun Her birthday today
Clifton, Elsie 1929/03/10 Sun Her birthday tomorrow
Clifton, Elsie 1930/03/11 Tue Her birthday today
Clifton, Patricia 1925/10/07 Wed With Mother Elsie, visited
Cock, E. Mr and family 1924/03/19 Wed Came back to Hill End
Cock, Mavis 1924/03/27 Thu Has measles or scarletina
Cock, Mrs 1924/06/01 Sun Took Douglas to Bathurst hospital last Monday for tonsil op.
Cock, Mrs 1926/08/22 Sun Attended her husband’s funeral at Gulgong with Auntie Beck
Cock, Mrs 1927/05/15 Sun Thinks she left Hill End
Cock, Vic Mr & Mrs 1925/08/16 Sun Living at Kandos
Colley, Alice 1924/03/15 Sat At Ball
Colley, Bert 1924/08/03 Mon Paid him for bread
Colley, Bert Mrs 1924/02/13 Wed Had a daughter on Friday 1st Feb. 1924.  Seventh child.
Colley, Bert Mrs 1927/01/16 Sun Had a son on 6th Jan. 1927
Colley, Bert Mrs 1928/04/09 Mon Baby Harry in Mudgee hospital with scald burns
Colley, Harry 1928/04/29 Sun Died in Mudgee on Friday night 27th April
Colley, Harry (baby) 1928/04/09 Mon Out of danger from scald burns in Mudgee hospital
Colley, Kathleen 1926/01/14 Thu Visited with Greta Wiley and Honey Alexander
Colley, Kathleen 1926/10/04 Mon Came to Hill End to assist in the hospital fete
Colley, Kathleen 1928/05/02 Wed Little Harry was buried with old Mr Colley at Mudgee
Colley, Mrs 1927/05/15 Sun Returned to Dun Dun
Colley, Raynors & Kathleen 1925/08/23 Sun Play tennis
Colley, Tom Mrs 1925/02/22 Sun Visited from Dun Dun with mother Mrs Tommy Roberts
Cook, Mrs 1923/09/30 Sun School Teacher’s wife had a daughter middle September, 1923
Cooke, Arthur Mrs 1924/09/21 Sun At dentist also
Cooke, Cecil (Dutchie) 1923/08/14 Tue Hanged himself in Oswald’s stables Royal Hotel
Cooke, Gordon & Phil 1927/05/25 Wed Were confirmed
Cooke, Hilton 1925/08/23 Sun He and his brother brought cattle to diarist’s place
Cooke, Iris Miss 1924/06/17 Tue Married Mr Bert Diehm, Mrs Cock’s brother
Coombs, Frances 1928/10/24 Wed Maria Anderson met her at Bathurst
Cooper, Florence 1924/09/22 Mon Visiting old Smith’s pub with sister Mrs Smith
Corbets, Fr 1923/12/01 Sat Came to Hill End
Corbett, Father (Fr) 1925/02/22 Sun Left Kandos for Ireland last Tuesday 17th.  Sails 25th Feb
Corbett, Father (Fr) 1926/03/21 Sun Arrived at Kandos last Friday 19th March 1926
Corbett, Rev. Father 1924/03/28 Fri Married Miss Girlie Hyland and Mr. Foster on St Patrick’s Day
Craig, George 1927/12/10 Sat Married Muriel Moore at St. Thomas’ Church, Lewisham
Cross, Norman 1924/03/15 Sat Won Box of Chocolate dance at ball with Violet Bennett
Cross, Norman 1925/09/23 Wed Brought his cow to diarists
Cross, Norman 1927/01/31 Mon Took cattle to be sold with Angus Longmore
Cross, Norman 1927/04/10 Sun Took a cow and calf home from Tambaroora this morning
Crossly, Lizzie Miss 1928/08/24 Fri In the Post Office with Mr Rosser (Policeman)
Culane?, Christie 1925/10/11 Sun Died at Kelso on 3rd Oct 1925
Curran, Father (Fr) 1930/02/02 Sun Took of Kandos Parish from Fr Devlin who has gone to China
Curran, Thomas Father (Fr) 1930/02/16 Sun He buried Granma Armstrong
Davis 1926/10/21 Wed Working with Mr Stone at the Magnet mine near Sam Ellis
Dawson, Dr 1929/08/07 Wed Father saw Dr Dawson.  Dr leave on Friday, relieving only
Delatorrie, Mr 1925/06/04 Thu Died suddenly at Wattle Flat today
Denman, Eliza 1927/04/25 Mon Left to see a specialist about her lost voice
Denman, Eva 1925/02/08 Sun Now wife of Walter Oates
Denman, Geo Mrs 1925/02/08 Sun Mother of Mrs Knight
Denman, Geo Mrs (Widow) 1926/06/20 Died at Hill End about 6pm
Denman, Geo. Mrs 1923/12/02 Sun Went to Sydney
Denman, Geo. Mrs 1926/06/21 Mon Died last evening about 6pm
Devlin, Father (Fr) 1927/02/27 Sun New priest, visited today
Devlin, Father (Fr) 1930/02/02 Sun Left Kandos to go as missionary in Chine, Fr Curran took over
Devlin, Fr 1928/08/20 Mon Found diarist’s birth date for her at Rylstone 1st Oct 1969
Diehm, Bert Mr 1924/06/17 Tue Married Miss Iris Cooke
Donnelly 1923/11/27 Thu His car picking up Joseph and Beatrice
Donnelly 1923/12/17 Mon Brought Nellie
Dove, Addie 1928/08/26 Sun Buried today by Parson James of Presbyt. Church, Mudgee
Dove, Donald 1926/07/22 Thu Found out who bought Ullamalla Station, Mr Leahy
Dove, Donald 1928/08/26 Sun Son of Addie Dove at her funeral
Dove, Donald 1928/11/04 Sun Is leaving
Dove, Donald 1929/04/22 Mon Married Miss Jean Smith Marr at C of E, daughter of Dr Marr
Dove, Mrs 1926/05/31 Mon Took over the Post Office
Dove, Mrs (Addie Bryant) 1928/08/24 Fri Dangerously ill in Hill End Hospital
Doves, Addie Mrs 1930/03/09 Sun (Deceased) It is her birthday today
Dowell, Mrs 1926/11/22 Mon Made tea in the church yard
Dowell, Mrs 1927/03/06 Sun Visited
Drakeford (boys) 1923/09/03 Mon Came to school on a pony
Drakeford, Davis 1927/01/31 Mon Commenced school last Tuesday 25th Jan
Drakeford, Lenard 1923/09/09 Sun Fell off his horse
Drakeford, Leonard 1925/03/29 Sun Turned 14 last Thursday 26th.  Left school on Friday for good
Drakeford, Puttie 1927/04/02 Sat Had a fight with Rusty Hamilton
Drakeford, Ronald 1924/02/13 Wed Run over by young McKenzie
Dunn, Billie Mr 1927/10/16 Sun The member got in by 1026 votes on election day
Dunn, Fr 1925/05/18 Mon Christened Elsie Teresa Brodie, Dau. of Sara Brodie
Dunne, Father (Fr) 1925/02/22 Sun Took Fr Corbett to Sydney for his trip to Ireland
Dunne, Father (Fr) 1926/11/18 Thu Went to see Mr Robinson who is ill
Dunne, Fr 1926/05/19 Wed Had a sick call to Mr Fred Norton whose dangerously ill
Dunne, Oswald Bede 1923/10/05 Sun Born 22nd Sep. to Belle in Sydney
Durack, Ellis 1924/01/17 Thu Left for Sydney with Mrs Kerins
Edwards, Mr 1925/18/11 Of Turondale died at his daughter’s place (Mrs Johnson) H.E.
Elbourne, Mrs 1928/01/01 Sun Paid a surprise visit to diarist with Bessie
Eldridge 1924/05/02 Fri Old house being carted to Bargong to Mr Black
Eldridge, Bert Mrs 1924/02/17 Sun Annie Toohey is dying of cancer.
Ellis Sam 1926/10/21 Wed Davis and Stone of the Magnet mine working near him
Ellis, Geo 1924/03/15 Sat Won nugget of gold waltz with Mrs Hockings
Ellis, Geo Mrs 1924/06/22 Sun (Adopted Mother, Mrs Young) died at Hill End Hospital 4pm
Ellis, Geo. Mrs 1927/04/10 Sun Brought her son Richard home on 1st April from Bathurst
Ellis, Geo. Mrs 1927/09/05 Mon Came home from Bathurst after baby had operation
Ellis, Jack 1923/08/19 Sun Came home from Sydney
Ellis, Jack 1923/09/09 Sun Sam’s son
Ellis, Jack (Old) 1927/04/10 Sun He is working on the church fence
Ellis, Jack Mr Old 1928/07/11 Wed In bed with the mumps
Ellis, Mr (English Parson) 1929/04/22 Mon Married Donald Dove and Miss Jean Smith Marr at C of E
Ellis, Parson 1930/02/17 Mon Christened baby Sargents 2 hours before he died
Ellis, Richard 1927/04/10 Sun His Mother brought him home from Bathurst on 1st April
Ellis, Sam (young) 1928/05/21 Mon Had an accident with his sulky
Ellis, Sam Mr 1927/04/10 Sun Mr Joe Baskerville came to his place yesterday
Ellis, Sam Mr & Mrs, Beryl 1925/04/26 Sun Visited
Ellis, Sam Mrs 1923/12/02 Sun Came home
Ellis, Sam Mrs 1928/06/10 Sun Is very ill
Ellis, Ted 1927/06/01 Wed In Sydney marrying a Miss Gladys Green
Ellis, Tom 1924/09/28 Sun Leaving Hill to marry Mrs Sarah James Sat 4th Oct. 1924
Elston, Mr & Mrs 1927/06/06 Mon From Sydney.  They come nearly every year
Evans 1926/07/26 Mon New school teacher
Evans, Emily 1923/09/30 Sun Waited on Mrs Percy Hodge during birth on 25/09/1923
Evans, Emily 1924/04/20 Sun Helped with Sarah Brodie’s baby
Evans, Emily 1924/04/27 Tue Left Kimm’s after looking after Sarah Brodie
Evans, Toohy Mrs 1925/09/00 Died in Sydney at beginning of month
Eviston, Fr (Father) 1924/06/17 Tue Of Dunedoo, married Miss Iris Cooke to Mr Bert Diehm
Eyre, Gertie 1927/04/17 Sun Took ill with pleurisy
Eyre, Gertie 1930/01/12 Sun Fell and hurt her thumb and back
Eyre, Harry 1924/04/25 Fri Visited
Eyre, Harry 1924/12/03 Wed Came to the Royal today
Eyre, Harry 1926/07/18 Sun Has left the Daily Telegraph
Eyre, Oswald 1923/08/14 Tue Cecil Cooke, hanged himself in stables
Eyres, Uncle 1926/01/03 Sun Anniversary of his death
Fallon, Mary & party 1928/04/06 Fri Came to Alexander’s this afternoon
Fallon, May 1925/07/21 Tue Her Mother Mrs Alexander hurt in fall
Fallon, May Mrs 1929/12/16 Mon Came to Hill End, went back to Sydney today
Fitzgerald, Cecil (Master) 1928/03/08 Thu Takes Bob Hamilton’s place, he’s from Sally’s Flat
Fitzgerald, Michael Mr 1929/10/12 Sat Standing for seat of Robertson (Labor) against Mr Gardiner
Flynn 1924/06/20 Fri Robinson and Morton went to his place at Oberon
Flynn 1927/02/27 Sun Paid him 5/- to be driven to mass
Flynn, Bob Mr 1928/03/18 Sun Is ill again
Flynn, Robb Mr 1927/06/19 Sun Taken to Bathurst suffering consumption and pneumonia
Ford, Harry 1925/02/08 Sun Been dead for two years
Foster, Mr (Bank Manager) 1924/03/28 Fri Married Miss Girlie Hyland on St. Patrick’s day by Fr Corbett
Gardiner, Sydney Lane Mr 1929/10/12 Sat Standing for seat of Robertson against Mr Fitzgerald
Gaynor, Jack 1924/02/26 Wed Was thrown from a motor bike at Portland on Sunday, hurt bad
Gaynor, Mrs 1923/08/26 Sun Died last Thursday (23rd)
Gaynor, Mrs 1923/08/26 Sun Funeral
Gilmour, Mr 1925/02/08 Sun Nearly blind with cataracts.  Diarist saw him at Bathurst
Goldspink, Mr 1927/09/05 Mon Father went to see to sign his papers for Poll Clerk
Gorman, Addie 1924/08/24 Sun Died in Sydney 24th Aug. 1924 (Carrco one time)
Gorman, Mrs (Addie Carver 1924/08/24 Died in Sydney
Gray, Clara 1926/01/07 Thu (Nee Knight) Left for Sydney. Sister of Dulcie Knight
Gray, Clara & Husband 1930/01/05 Sun Left for Sydney
Gray, Mrs 1924/01/01 Tue Left for Sydney
Gregg 1926/02/07 Sun Dentist
Gregg, Mr 1924/09/21 Sun Dentist at Hill End seen by diarist
Grimshaw 1926/02/07 Sun Talked rabbits with father and Frank Knight
Grimshaw, Mr 1927/11/02 Wed Died at 3.30am at Royal Hotel, Hill End (c/b Mrs)
Grotefent, Mrs 1925/09/00 Died at Bathurst this month
Groves, Herb Mrs 1924/12/30 Died of heart failure on her 62nd birthday
Hamilton, (Old lady) 1925/01/11 Sun Left Tambaroora with Cedric for good yesterday
Hamilton, Bill 1929/03/24 Sun Was told Tambaroora School is closed forever
Hamilton, Billie and Kenny 1924/04/27 Sun Working at Bathurst
Hamilton, Billie Mrs 1924/03/15 Sat Gave the nugget for nugget of gold waltz
Hamilton, Billie Mrs 1924/04/20 Sun Helped with Sarah Brodie’s baby
Hamilton, Billie, Mrs 1929/06/20 Thu Operated on for cancer by Dr Brooke-Moore yesterday
Hamilton, Bob 1928/02/27 Mon Gave Mr Lawson notice today, will be leaving next Sat.
Hamilton, Charlie 1924/01/01 Tue Diarist visited
Hamilton, Charlie 1924/04/14 Mon Very sick
Hamilton, Charlie Mr &Mrs 1924/06/20 Fri Went to Sydney
Hamilton, Charlie Mrs 1923/09/09 Sun With family came home from Queensland on 07/09/1923
Hamilton, Charlie Mrs 1924/06/22 Sun Operated on 21st June at Sydney Hospital
Hamilton, Charlie Mrs 1924/07/24 Thu Came home from Sydney with Emma Manalatto and Family
Hamilton, Charlie Mrs 1925/01/11 Sun Will leave for good with Winnie & Ossie for Sydney 12th Jan
Hamilton, Kerry 1927/05/03 Tue Shot a fox
Hamilton, Lady 1923/11/11 Sun Visited
Hamilton, Les 1929/12/08 Sun Ran into Mrs Byrnes lorry and smashed his bike
Hamilton, Mavis 1925/09/16 Wed Turns 13 today
Hamilton, Mr and Mrs 1923/12/02 Sun Visited Mrs Watson
Hamilton, Mrs 1923/10/01 Mon Came for eggs
Hamilton, Mrs 1929/06/28 Fri Died yesterday 27th June at 5pm
Hamilton, Mrs 1929/06/30 Sun Buried English Cemetery, Tambaroora Fri 28th June
Hamilton, Mrs and Cedric 1923/10/14 Sun Visited yesterday
Hamilton, Mrs W 1924/02/13 Wed Ronald Drakeford went to her house after being run over
Hamilton, Old Lady 1928/02/12 Sun Died in Sydney last Tuesday 7th Feb, buried Tambaroora 9th
Hamilton, Rusty 1927/04/02 Sat Had a fight with Puttie Drakeford
Hamilton, Sid Mrs 1924/04/04 Fri Mrs Watson stayed with at Hill End after leaving Kimm’s
Hamilton, Violet 1923/10/14 Sun Had a fit and fell into fire last Friday, burnt on chest and arm
Hamilton, Violet 1923/11/11 Sun Is lost, came home Monday 12th Nov.
Hamilton, William Mrs 1924/05/02 Fri Went to Bathurst show
Hamiltons 1923/08/30 Thu Diarist visited
Heaps, Nobbie 1926/11/12 Sun Taken to gaol yesterday for stealing money from Beach
Hill, Mrs (Violet Baxter) 1927/01/16 Sun With her husband & Sid & Jessie Marshall here on holiday
Hill, Steve Mrs 1925/01/03 Sat In Hill End (Minnie Pymont)
Hill, Tom 1923/08/05 Sun Opened Goods (Drapery)
Hocking, Digger 1927/05/03 Tue Bought Lye’s horse Tommie
Hockings, Mr 1925/02/22 Sun Left last Thursday for Tamworth
Hockings, Mrs 1924/03/15 Sat Won nugget of gold waltz with Geo Ellis
Hodge, Alf Mrs 1925/04/08 Wed Sudden death told to Tambaroora school.  Poisoned herself
Hodge, Alf Mrs 1925/04/18 Took poison and died at 3am buried on Holy Thu afternoon
Hodge, Daisy 1927/02/10 Thu Operated on for appendicitis
Hodge, Essie 1926/09/12 Sun Visited Mrs W. Oats at Ullamalla
Hodge, Fred 1923/09/03 Mon Gave pony to Drakeford boys
Hodge, Fred 1924/04/13 Sun Came home from Sydney with new car
Hodge, Fred and Alice 1924/10/04 Sat Father (Frank Walpole) had a talk to them
Hodge, Fred Mr & Mrs 1928/07/29 Sun Going away tomorrow, Fred to have an operation
Hodge, Harold 1926/07/19 Mon Teacher at Tambaroora invited families to hear phonograph
Hodge, Harold 1926/07/26 Mon Late teacher removed to Sydney
Hodge, Harold (Mick) 1924/03/31 Mon Son of Fred, was given Tambaroora school by Hogan
Hodge, Harold Mrs 1925/01/01 Thu Present school teacher
Hodge, Hilda 1926/01/15 Fri Left for Sydney yesterday 14th
Hodge, Ken 1927/10/30 Sun Drove Percy Hodge and family to Kandos with Rowly
Hodge, Luie 1924/11/12 Thu Matron Blanche Lee came to see, she is sick
Hodge, Percy 1924/01/27 Sun McKinnon in his paddock
Hodge, Percy 1924/04/14 Mon Moving back to his farm
Hodge, Percy 1924/05/02 Fri Working at Gollin’s place
Hodge, Percy 1927/10/30 Sun Left Tambaroora for ever today, they live in Kandos
Hodge, Percy Mrs 1923/09/30 Sun Had a daughter last Tuesday 25/09/1923 at Landale’s, Hill End
Hodge, Percy Mrs 1925/08/30 Sun Visited by Parson Wells
Hodge, Percy Mrs 1926/04/18 Sun Had a daughter at Ellen Macryannis at 2 am
Hodge, Percy Mrs 1929/02/24 Sun Had a daughter on 17th or 24th at Kandos
Hodge, Suie 1927/01/21 Fri Took baby daughter Mary to Hill End, dangerously ill
Hodge, Tom 1926/01/17 Sun Visited
Hodge, Tommie 1927/01/25 Tue Taken to St Vincent’s Hospital, Bathurst with appendicitis
Hodges, Joyce (Baby) 1924/09/28 Sun 12 months old 27th Sep.  Mrs Percy Hodges her Mother
Hodson, Eva 1923/09/09 Sun Died last Friday (7th), Vi’s sister
Hogan 1923/10/28 Sun School teacher
Hogan 1924/03/31 Mon Gave over Tambaroora school to Harold (Mick) Hodge
Hogan, Mr 1923/08/05 Sun School Teacher, Tambaroora
Hogan, Mr 1923/08/26 Sun Tambaroora School Teacher
Hogan, Mr 1923/09/21 Fri Went to Sydney
Hogan, Mr 1924/04/23 Wed Recent school teacher, presented with a medal
Hogan, Mr 1925/01/01 Thu Recent school teacher of Tambaroora
Hollaway 1924/08/24 Sun Renting Butchery from Bisley.  (Brother of Mrs Sam Ellis)
Holloway (Butcher) 1926/03/07 Sun Bought two cows
Holloway, Mrs 1930/02/09 Sun Took seriously ill on Fri 7th Feb
Holloways, Ben Mrs 1928/02/25 Sat Had her first child Roy Norman christened by Fr Brosnan
Honeysette, Mr 1928/05/14 Mon His truck was in a car accident with Stan Mitchell today
Hopman, Dick 1929/03/31 Sun Visited.  He came for Mr Beech’s funeral
Howard, Jackie 1926/07/13 Died suddenly
Howell, Archdeacon 1929/11/18 Mon Came to Hill End to settle dispute over English cemetery
Hyland, Girlie Miss 1924/03/28 Fri Married Mr Foster On St. Patrick’s day by Rev Fr Corbett
Ingram, Mr 1924/11/15 Sun Hargraves policeman relieving while Bisley on holidays
Jackson, Alf, Wife, Family 1926/01/16 Sat Returned to Queensland this morning
Jackson, Elsie 1924/05/19 Sun Went to dentist
James, Sarah Mrs 1924/09/28 Sun Marrying Tom Ellis Sat 4th Oct. 1924
Johnson 1924/06/01 Sun Told Father Vic Whittaker taken to Bathurst hospital
Johnson, Mrs 1927/04/25 Mon Left Hill End last Saturday.  Sold her home to Fred Toohey
Johnson, Walter 1927/03/17 Thu Died at Orange on Tue 15th and buried at Sofala yesterday
Johnson, Walter 1927/03/16 Died at Orange, he was buried at Sofala
Judge, Lena 1925/10/11 Sun Received a letter from with Mrs W. Willard
Judge, Leo 1926/07/12 Mon Left the station last Thursday for good
Judge, Lillie 1924/04/25 Fri Came to look after Kimm’s kids yesterday 24th
Judge, Lillie 1924/07/13 Sun Married Herbert Warry last week at Bathurst
Judge, Mrs 1925/08/02 Sun Was Lena Roberts
Kelley, Mrs 1924/03/15 Sat At Ball
Kelly, Mrs 1924/06/20 Fri Came to stay with old lady Hamilton
Kerins, Ada 1926/06/22 Tue Diarist went to see and also met Nora Ryan and family
Kerins, Ada Armstrong 1926/06/21 Mon Her Mother is Mrs Armstrong
Kerins, Ada Mrs 1924/01/11 Tue Of Parkes, was Ada Armstrong
Kimm 1923/10/01 Mon Took his 3 boys to Ullamalla
Kimm, (3 children) 1923/09/30 Sun Have the flu
Kimm, Gordon Anthony 1923/12/01 Sat Christened
Kimm, Lindsay 1923/10/21 Sun His father bought him a pair of boots
Kimm, Lindsay 1925/06/09 Tue Birthday today 13.
Kimm, Lindsay 1926/06/20 Sun 14th birthday on the 8th June
Kimm, Lindsay Patrick 1923/12/01 Sat Christened
Kimm, Mary 1923/08/02 Sun Flowers on her grave
Kimm, Mary 1926/01/29 Fri Died three years ago.  Her Mother is Mrs Myers
Kimm, Mary 1927/01/21 Fri Died 4 years ago
Kimm, Mary 1929/01/29 Tue Anniversary of her death, her Mother is Mrs Myers
Kimm, Mary 1929/04/22 Mon Died 28th Jan 1924 buried in Catholic Cemetery, Tambaroora
Kimm, Mavis 1923/08/02 Sun Flowers on her grave
Kimm, Mavis 1929/04/22 Mon Died 8th June 1924 buried in Catholic Cemetery, Tambaroora
Kimm, Mr 1923/08/05 Sun Gave diarist £1.0.0 for Sarah tonight
Kimm, Ronald 1923/10/21 Sun His father bought him two pairs of boots
Kimm, Ronald 1925/06/07 Sun Birthday yesterday 6th June
Kimm, Ronald 1926/06/06 Sun Is nine years old today
Kimm, Ronald 1929/02/10 Sun Starts school tomorrow at Hill End
Kimm, Ronald Joseph 1923/12/01 Sat Christened
Knight 1924/04/20 Sun Helped with Sarah Brodie’s baby
Knight, Babe 1925/11/05 Thu Called today with Florrie Knight
Knight, Charlie 1923/10/28 Sun Killed a big black snake
Knight, Clara 1930/01/05 Sun Left for Sydney today
Knight, Florrie 1925/11/05 Thu Called today with Babe Knight
Knight, Frank 1925/10/11 Sun Talking to father
Knight, Frank 1926/02/07 Sun Talked rabbits with father and Grimshaw
Knight, Mrs 1925/02/08 Sun Stayed with at Bathurst (Mrs Geo Denman’s mother)
Knight, Old Lady 1926/10/21 Wed Very ill
Lamb, Mrs 1925/05/10 Sun Mrs Martins daughter is expected tomorrow
Landale’s 1923/09/30 Sun Mrs Percy Hodge’s daughter born 25/09/1923 here
Larson, (boy) 1926/11/12 Sun Taken to gaol yesterday for stealing money from Beach
Laughrins, Mr 1926/05/23 Sun Late Post Master, had a send-off at Royal Hotel
Laughton, Taily 1925/11/05 Thu Is at Hill End with his own car
Lawler, F. Rev. 1926/06/21 Mon Married the Walpole’s 30 years ago at Royal Hotel at 8 pm
Lawler, Mark 1927/09/18 Sun Visited diarist with Joe Walpole, Jack Walpole drove them
Lawson 1926/12/21 Tue Tried today for stealing from Mr Beeches and the chinaman
Lawson, Margaret Mary 1930/02/02 Sun (Peggy) Married yesterday week to Mr Throsby at Bong Bong
Lawson, Mr 1928/02/27 Mon Given notice by Bob Hamilton whose leaving next Saturday
Lawson, Mrs 1928/09/30 Sun With her two daughters will be at “Alpha” on Tue 2nd Oct
Lawson, Roma 1928/09/30 Sun Has acute consumption
Le Messurier, Alice 1926/10/25 Sun Took diarist and Mrs Alexander to her place to see her garden
Le Messurier, Billie 1928 09/10 Mon Died yesterday in Bathurst Hospital, buried Tambaroora today
Le Messurier’s 1923/11/27 Tue Motor cyclist killed near his place
Leahy, Mr 1926/07/22 Thu Bought Ullamalla Station for £2,300, info by Donald Dove
Leahy, Mr 1926/10/25 Sun All his property up for sale
Lee, Blanch Miss 1925/07/18 Sat Matron leaving, new Matron Miss McKiernon
Lee, Blanche Matron 1924/11/12 Thu Brought to see Luie Hodge who is sick
Lewin, John 1927/08/21 Died at Lidcombe
Lewis, Jack 1927/09/04 Sun Died, sent sympathy to Eliza
Little, Verna 2013/10/30 Wed Typist of the diary of Mary Walpole
Lizzie, Auntie 1925/02/08 Sun Died middle of January 1925
Longmore, Angus 1927/01/31 Mon Took cattle to be sold with Norman Cross
Longmore, Angus, Mrs 1927/08/22 Mon Taken to Bathurst hospital after fall, also pregnant
Longmore, Mrs 1928/07/01 Sun In hospital in Sydney
Lye, Billie 1924/03/26 Wed Commenced building Drakeford’s house on Mon 24th March
Lye, Billy 1923/08/26 Sun Saw a snake
Lye, Charlie 1924/04/14 Mon Doing Alexander’s roof
Lye, Charlie Mr 1928/10/16 Tue Will be 70 sometime this month
Lye, Charlie Mrs 1923/08/12 Sun Made Annie Brodie a coat
Lye, Mr C 1923/10/21 Sun Got Father (husb. of diarist) to fill in his pension papers
Macfarland, Mr 1926/06/05 Sat Found unconscious under his car, died on way to hospital
MacIntyre, Mr 1924/03/27 Thu Left Hill End
MacReannie, Peter Mrs 1926/06/10 Thu Left with family today for Sydney
Macryanis, Jock 1928/06/24 Sun Was married in Sydney yesterday
Macryannis, Ellen 1926/04/18 Sun Mrs Percy Hodge had a daughter at her place at 2 am
Manalatas 1923/12/01 Sat Had dinner at
Manalatta’s 1923/08/12 Sun Diarist got a coat from Manalatta last night
Manalatto 1925/01/03 Sat Left for Sydney
Manalatto, Emma 1924/09/11 Thu Left Hill End for home in Sydney (now Mrs Walsh)
Manalatto, Emma 1927/02/28 Mon Dangerously ill with galloping consumption, Dr Marr visited
Manalatto, Emma & Family 1924/07/24 Thu Came home from Sydney with Mrs Charlie Hamilton
Manalatto, Emma (Walsh) 1927/03/17 Thu Died at her home Newtown, Sydney on 13th Mar
Marr, Dr 1923/10/14 Sun May see re cough
Marr, Dr 1924/05/28 Wed Diarist went to Dr
Marr, Dr 1926/06/05 Sat Pronounced Mr Macfarland dead with Brooke Moore
Marr, Jean Smith, Miss 1929/04/22 Mon Married Donald Dove at Church of England
Marshall, James Mrs 1926/08/08 Sun Died and buried on Tuesday 19th Aug in English Cemetery
Marshall, Sid & Jessie 1927/01/16 Sun Here on holiday with Mr & Mrs Hill (Violet Baxter)
Marshall, W 1929/11/18 Mon Bob Ross working for him
Martin, Mrs 1924/05/19 Sun Brought by Tom Spratt for visit
Martindale 1924/01/22 Tue Nellie and Susie visited
Martindale 1924/08/17 Sun Buried last week in English cemetery on Tuesday
Martindale, Joseph 1924/08/12 Died in Hill End Hospital at 12 o’clock
Martindale, Old 1924/07/24 Thu Is sick
Martins, 1925/08/16 Sun Dead one year
McDougal, Mr (Parson) 1925/05/10 Sun Service at Presbyterian church, Hill End
McEwen, Jim 1926/09/19 Sun Came for bricks from Daggers
McFarland, A Mr 1926/06/05 Died after being found under exhaust of his car
McFarland, Mrs 1923/12/09 Sun Ullamalla Station, expecting a baby soon
McFarlane, Mrs 1924/05/02 Fri In Sydney with her baby
McGee, O. Miss 1927/04/25 Mon Engaged to Joe Yates, husband of late Marjorie
McGrath, Mr 1925/06/21 Sun Buyer of skins
McKeirans, Susan Matron 1926/08/15 Sun Left Hill End hospital on Wednesday 11th Aug.
McKenzie, Dot 1925/03/18 Wed Nearly walked on a snake
McKenzie, Keith 1928/03/18 Sun Had a snake crawl over his head last Monday
McKenzie, young 1924/02/13 Wed Ran over Ronald Drakeford
McKenzie’s 1924/10/08 Fri Came home Wed 1st Oct with new car
McKenzies 1926/10/25 Sun His property “Alpha” sold
McKiernon, Miss 1925/07/18 Sat New Matron, taking over from Matron Miss Blanche Lee
McKinly, Mrs 1923/09/21 Fri First prize in fancy dress
McKinnon 1923/08/05 Sun Has the flu
McKinnon 1923/08/26 Sun Sold out to Reg and Herb Warry
McKinnon 1924/10/29 Wed Died Bathurst Sunday 26th Oct at 8pm
McKinnon, Angus Mr 1924/10/26 Died Bathurst at 8pm, late Butcher of Hill End
McKinnon’s 1924/01/27 Sun In Percy Hodges paddock
McReamms, Peter 1923/10/23 Sun Snake killed near his house
Millen, Mr & Mrs 1927/02/20 Sun Leave tomorrow
Miller, Miss (Matron) 1926/09/05 Sun New Matron at Hill end hospital 3rd Sep.
Mitchell, Stan 1928/05/14 Mon Had a car accident today with Mr Honeysette of Mudgee
Moon, Mrs 1927/03/28 Mon Daughter of Mrs Goodman died & buried at Tambaroora 26th
Moore, Brooke 1926/06/05 Sat Pronounced Mr Macfarland dead with Dr Marr
Moore, Muriel 1927/12/10 Married George Craig at St. Thomas’, Lewisham
Morises, (Black) 1924/05/02 Fri Went to Bathurst show
Morton, Fannie 1924/04/20 Sun Helped with Sarah Brodie’s baby
Morton, Fred Mr 1926/07/04 Died at Joe Morton’s residence Tambaroora at 9.25pm
Morton, Jimmy 1927/04/27 Wed Still in Mudgee hospital having big toe nail removed
Morton, Joe 1924/02/13 Wed Moving into Cavan’s
Morton, Joe Mr 1926/07/04 Sun At 10.25pm his Father died at Tambaroora
Morton, Mr 1924/06/20 Fri Went with Robinson to Flynn’s at Oberon
Morton, Mrs 1924/05/19 Sun Went to dentist with diarist
Morton, Mrs 1926/01/20 Wed Visited by Dr Marr, is to remain at her Mother’s for 7 days
Morton, Mrs and Family 1924/02/13 Wed Moving into Cavan’s
Morton’s 1924/02/17 Sun Came to Tambaroora to live yesterday
Mullins 1924/08/17 Sun Buried last week on Thursday
Mullins, Bill 1924/08/08 Fri Very ill
Mullins, Ellen, Nellie, Kate 1924/10/29 Wed Visited Monday to tell McKinnon died at Bathurst on Sunday
Mullins, Gertie 1923/08/14 Tue Found Cecil Cooke hanged
Mullins, Mrs 1926/01/01 Fri Died a week ago
Mullins, Mrs 1926/08/06 Died, buried Sunday 8th Aug
Mullins, Old Lady 1925/12/20 Sun Dangerously ill, daughter Kate Mullins with her
Mullins, Peter 1923/08/14 Tue Found Cecil Cooke hanged
Mullins, Peter 1926/06/21 Mon Father of Jane O’Reilly’s baby
Mundie, Matron 1928/06/03 Sun New Matron came to the hospital on Friday 1st June
Myers, Ivy 1927/01/25 Tue Birthday on 28th Jan
Myers, Mrs 1923/09/09 Sun Gave Kimm a dog.
Myers, Mrs 1926/01/07 Thu Wrote a letter to
Myers, Mrs 1926/01/19 Fri Mother of Mary Kimm
Myres, Mrs 1929/01/29 Tue Mother of Mary Kimm who died six years ago today
Natrass, Miss 1925/10/07 Wed Maybe make a dress for diarist
Nellie 1923/12/09 Sun Sister of diarist
Norton, Bishop 1927/05/25 Wed Confirmed 14 children from Sally’s Flat
Norton, Fred Mr 1926/05/19 Wed Dangerously ill, had a sick call by Fr Dunne at son Joe’s
Norton, Joe 1926/05/19 Wed Son of Fred Norton, his Father staying with him,
O’Farrell, Bishop (Fr) 1923/12/01 Sat Came to Hill End
O’Flynn, Dr 1929/09/01 Sun New doctor
O’Leary, Father (Fr) 1927/10/23 Sun Mission priest
O’Reilly, Jane 1926/06/21 Mon Had a child early this month.  Peter Mullins is the father
O’Reilly, Sis 1929/11/18 Mon Now Mrs Shinkle, lives at Dubbo, is Ted O’Reilly sister
O’Rielly, Edward Mr 1927/12/18 Sun Very ill
Oates, Walter 1925/06/30 Tue Little baby died this morning with mumps + whooping cough
Oates, Walter, Wife & Child 1925/02/08 Sun Returned to Hill End.  (Wife was Eva Denman)
Oates W. Mrs 1926/09/12 Sun Visited by Essie Hodge at Ullamalla
Oates, W. Mrs 1929/02/24 Sun Went to Bathurst 25th Feb to be confined
Palmer, Archie Old 1928/10/16 Tue Called for some tomato plants
Parlett, Tom Mr 1929/06/23 Sun Visited
Petrie, Mr 1928/01/29 Sun Owns Petrie’s slaughter yard
Phillips, Mr & Mrs 1926/08/15 Sun Left the Royal on Tuesday 10th Aug 1926
Piesley, Ben 1927/12/24 Dead under a grape vine, buried at Tambaroora on 25th Dec
Pilley, Mr 1924/02/13 Wed Of Hargraves
Plummer, W Mrs 1925/12/13 Sun Came home from Sydney with Mrs Weir (Nee Doll Williams)
Pymont, Mabel 1926/06/13 Sun With Miss M. Blackett helped pack up for Mrs Macfarlane
Pymont, Minnie 1925/01/03 Sat In Hill End (Mrs. Steve Hill)
Raynor, Mr 1924/02/13 Wed Over at Park’s place
Rearden, Agnes 1923/08/12 Sun Staying at Ryan’s.  Keeping company with Paddie Ryan
Reilly 1923/09/30 Sun Owns a paddock
Reilly, June 1926/03/21 Sun Leaving after Easter to have her child, her fourth
Richards, Dentist 1929/08/18 Sun Made a plate for Kimm
Richards, Mr 1929/04/14 Sun Dentist.  Father had two teeth out
Risby 1926/12/21 Tue Tried today for stealing from Mr Beeches and the chinaman
Risby (Son) 1927/01/04 Tue (Tom’s boy) buried today, died of consumption, aged 17
Risby, Geo 1924/11/06 Thu Buried to-day, died yesterday at 3am
Risby, George 1924/11/15 Sun Funeral conducted by Taylor from Kandos
Robert’s 1923/08/05 Sun Uncle Jim’s cow is dead at Robert’s
Roberts, Lena 1925/08/02 Sun Now Mrs Judge
Roberts, Tommy Mrs 1927/06/01 Wed Son Will with wife (Sarah Baxter that was) at Royal Hotel
Roberts, Tommy Mrs 1925/02/22 Sun Visited from Dun Dun with daughter Mrs Tom Colley
Roberts, Will & Wife 1927/06/01 Wed Staying at Royal Hotel
Robinson 1923/09/30 Sun Sold out to Mr Black (husband of one of Stuart’s daughters)
Robinson, Mr 1924/02/13 Wed Moving into Cavan’s
Robinson, Mr 1924/06/20 Fri Went with Morton to Flynn’s at Oberon
Robinson, Mr 1926/11/18 Thu Ill and required Father Dunne
Robinson, Mrs 1924/03/09 Sun Late Bargong, left Tambaroora last Thursday for good.
Robinson, Mrs 1928/02/26 Sun Visited diarist
Ross, Alick 1924/05/02 Fri Working at Gollin’s place
Ross, Alick Mrs 1924/06/20 Fri Had a daughter last Wednesday morning 18th June 1924
Ross, Arthur Mrs 1929/02/16 Sat Was Mary Brailey
Ross, Becky 1927/04/10 Sun Married Mr Carrols, died of cancer, daughter of Jack Ross
Ross, Bob 1924/06/17 Tue Eldest daughter Ellie was married in Sydney
Ross, Bob 1929/11/18 Mon Back from Sydney, working for W. Marshall
Ross, Jack 1927/04/10 Sun His daughter Becky died of cancer
Rosser, Mr (Policeman) 1928/08/24 Fri In the Post Office with Miss Lizzie Crossly of Sofala
Ryan, Katie 1927/05/25 Wed Gave diarist a hat
Ryan, Mat & Tom 1925/05/18 Mon Brought diarist to Tambaroora
Ryan, Mrs 1923/08/26 Sun Of Sally’s Flat came to Mrs Gaynor’s funeral
Ryan, Mrs 1926/01/01 Fri Is dangerously ill
Ryan, Mrs 1926/10/25 Sun Her birthday next Saturday 30th
Ryan, Mrs 1928/02/29 Wed Seriously ill, Tom Ryan told father
Ryan, Nora and Family 1926/06/22 Tue Diarist met them and also Ada Kerins
Ryan, Paddie 1923/08/12 Sun Keeping company with Agnes Rearden
Ryan, Tom 1928/02/29 Wed Told father Mrs Ryan is seriously ill
Ryan’s 1923/08/12 Sun Agnes Rearden staying here for 3 weeks
Sargents, Edna 1928/02/16 Thu Daughter of Mary Sargents
Sargents, Mary 1928/02/16 Thu Had son Edward John christened by Rev. Mr Ellis CofE
Sargents, Mary 1930/02/09 Sun Had a son at Mrs Tim Brodie’s on Fri 7th Feb
Sargents, Mary 1930/02/17 Mon Died 11th Feb, christened 2 hours before by Parson Ellis
Scanlon, Mrs (old) 1925/02/08 Sun Is seriously ill
Scott, Violet 1923/08/26 Sun Of Bingara, Roger’s young lady
Scott’s 1926/03/03 Wed Left for Sydney today
Seaman, Jack 1927/04/03 Sun Bill Brodie bought his today at Hill End
Seaman, Tom Mrs 1926/01/01 Fri Diarist had a chat with at races
Shinkle, Mrs 1929/11/18 Mon Was Sis O’Reilly, lives Dubbo and sister of Ted O’Reilly
Shinkler, Herb Mr 1924/04/08 Tue Ill in Sydney.  Husband of old Mrs Shinkler
Simpson, Mrs (Nursery) 1927/12/18 Sun Came with Gwennie to the Royal last Friday
Simpson, Nurse 1924/02/26 Wed Came to Gertie on Friday 15th Feb
Simpson, Nurse 1924/02/26 Wed Went with Gertie and Gwennie to Sydney
Simpson, Nurse 1925/04/24 Fri Leaves for Sydney tomorrow
Simpson, Nurse 1926/03/01 Mon Nurse visited diarist
Simpson, Nurse 1926/12/09 Sun Brought Gwennie home on Friday
Slattery, Mary 1930/03/11 Tue Was married in Sally Flat church by Fr Devlin on 18th Jan
Slattery, Tim Mrs 1925/02/08 Sun Of Sally Flat is in Bathurst Hospital
Slattery, Tim Mrs 1927/08/22 Mon Visits Hill End hospital for a poisoned ankle
Smith, Mrs 1924/09/22 Mon Visiting old Smith’s pub with sister Florence Cooper
Spratt Bros 1923/08/05 Sun Has the flu
Spratt, Bert 1925/07/18 Sat Paid him for delivery of bread
Spratt, Bert 1926/07/09 Sun Father sold skins to him
Spratt, Bert Mr 1928/01/08 Sun Has gone off his head, was taken to Sydney last week
Spratt, Tom 1924/05/19 Sun Brought Mrs Martin for visit
Stack, Dr 1925/02/08 Sun Eye Dr Bathurst
Stackpool 1927/01/08 Sat Bert, Bertha, Nellie, Betty and Jack arrived
Stone, Mr 1926/10/21 Wed Working with Davis at the Magnet mine near Sam Ellis
Sullivan, Mr 1925/03/29 Sun At Royal Hotel
Taylor 1924/11/15 Sun Of Kandos conducted George Risby’s funeral
Thompson, Charlie, Mrs 1927/05/15 Sun Had another son last week
Throsby, Mr 1930/02/02 Sun Married Margaret (Peggy) Lawson at Bong Bong 25th Jan
Toohey, Annie 1924/02/17 Sun Now Mrs Bert Eldridge is dying of cancer.
Toohey, Bill 1923/11/14 Wed Violet Hamilton stayed in his old house Sunday night
Toohey, Fred 1927/04/25 Mon Bought Mrs Johnson’s home
Toohey, Jimmie 1925/05/10 Sun At St Vincent’s Hosp. Sydney, may have legs broken again
Toorney, Thelma 1923/10/21 Sun Going to Kimm’s next Saturday
Trestrail, Pollie 1924/12/14 Sun Left Hill End for good yesterday.  Has Bright’s Disease
Walker, Mr 1928/07/22 Sun Owner of “Alpha” station
Walpole 1924/06/20 Fri Diarist married 28 years
Walpole (diarist) 1928/02/25 Sun Her sister Muriel’s birthday today
Walpole (Diarist) 1929/02/03 Sun Her brother Dan surprised her with a visit
Walpole (diarist) 1929/08/04 Sun Diarist’s Father’s (dec) birthday yesterday
Walpole, (diarist) 1927/10/08 Sat Was 58 years old last Monday 3rd Oct
Walpole, (diarist) 1928/09/30 Sun Will be to tomorrow
Walpole, (diarist) 1929/09/30 Mon Tomorrow 1st Oct her 60th birthday
Walpole, Beatrice 1923/11/19 Mon Drove to Hill End
Walpole, diarist 1929/12/16 Mon Received her 1st pension today £6.0.0 owing since application
Walpole, Francis 1923/10/14 Sun Father of Joseph Francis Walpole (diary writer’s husband)
Walpole, Frank 1896/06/21 Married Mary at Royal Hotel at 8pm by Fr Lawler
Walpole, Frank 1869/06/04 Born
Walpole, Frank & Mary 1925/06/22 Mon Married for 29 years today
Walpole, Frank (father) 1926/06/04 Fri Father’s birthday today 57 years.
Walpole, Frank (Francis) 1924/06/04 Wed Turned 55 today
Walpole, Frank (Francis) 1925/06/04 Thu His 56th birthday
Walpole, Frank (Francis) 1927/06/04 Sat Is 58 years old today
Walpole, Frank (Francis) 1928/06/03 Sun Will be 59 tomorrow
Walpole, Frank (Francis) 1929/07/04 Tue His 60th birthday today
Walpole, Gran 1927/08/22 Mon Put her knee joint out
Walpole, Jack 1927/09/18 Sun Brought Joe Walpole and Mark Lawler to visit diarist
Walpole, Jack & Jennie 1929/12/25 Wed Visited on Christmas Eve
Walpole, Jean 1926/09/26 Sun Going to Coonamble as a Governess, 19 on Wed 23rd Sep
Walpole, Jean 1928/01/11 Wed Came to the Ellis’s as diarist was there
Walpole, Jimmy & Eve 1929/12/25 Wed Home for Christmas
Walpole, Joe, 1927/09/18 Sun Visited diarist with Mark Lawler, Jack Walpole drove them
Walpole, Joseph 1923/11/19 Mon Drove to Hill End
Walpole, Joseph 1925/04/30 Thu 28 years old today
Walpole, Joseph 1930/02/02 Sun Entered Sydney Hospital last Tuesday 28th Jan
Walpole, Joseph 1930/03/18 Sun Operated on yesterday for his tonsils in Sydney Hospital
Walpole, Joseph 1897/04/30 Born
Walpole, Joseph Francis 1923/10/14 Sun Married 12 months yesterday 13th
Walpole, Marjorie 1927/06/01 Wed Thinks died four years ago
Walpole, Mary 1924/10/05 Sun Diarists near birthday 4th Oct
Walpole, Mary 1925/06/28 Sun Mary’s (diarist) Mother’s (dec’d) birthday today
Walpole, Mary 1927/03/17 Thu Anniversary of her father’s death
Walpole, Mary (Diarist) 1926/10/03 Sun Her birthday today 57
Walpole, Mary (diarist) 1928/08/20 Mon Fr Devlin found her birth date at Rylstone 1st October 1869
Walpole, Mary (diarist) 1929/06/28 Fri Her deceased Mother’s birthday today
Walpole, Mary (nee Moore) 1869/10/03 Actually born on 1st
Walpole, Mr & Mrs (diarist) 1929/06/20 Thu Wedding Anniversary, 33 years married today
Walpole, Rita 1928/10/24 Wed Came home today
Walpole, Roger 1929/04/12 Sun Visited on Thur 16th May
Walpole, Willis 1926/12/21 Tue Tried today for stealing from Mr Beeches and the chinaman
Walpole, Willis 1927/08/22 Mon Is home again
Walpole, Willis 1928/01/16 Mon Had a car accident on Monkey Hill last week
Walpole’s 1926/06/20 Sun 30 years married tomorrow
Walpole’s 1926/06/21 Mon Married 30 years ago at 8pm Royal Hotel by Rev. F. Lawler
Walsh, Emma 1927/03/06 Sun Returned to Sydney on Ash Wed 2nd Mar
Walsh, Emma 1927/03/17 Thu (Nee Manalatto) died at her home Newtown, Sydney on 13th
Walsh, Emma 1927/03/13 Sun (Nee Manalatto) died at Newtown, Sydney
Walsh, Harry & Wife 1924/12/21 Sun Came to Jackson’s last Friday
Walsh, Mrs 1924/09/11 Thu Was Emma Manalatto, went home to Sydney
Warry Bros 1924/08/24 Sun Sold out to Bisley (Butchery)
Warry, Herb 1923/08/26 Sun Bought from McKinnon
Warry, Herbert 1924/07/13 Sun Married Lillie Judge last week at Bathurst
Warry, Reg 1923/08/26 Sun Bought from McKinnon
Warry’s, Herb 1926/08/15 Sun His wife had a daughter sometime this month
Watson, Mrs 1923/11/16 Fri Visited Kimm’s.
Watson, Mrs 1923/12/02 Sun Visited by Mr and Mrs Hamilton
Watson, Mrs 1924/04/04 Fri Left Kimm’s for Hill End, Stayed with Mrs Sid Hamilton
Weir, Harry Mrs 1925/03/18 Wed Died today of cancer
Weir, Harry Mrs 1925/03/18 Died on Wednesday 18th (nee Martha Londale)
Weir, Mrs 1925/12/13 Sun Came home from Sydney with Mrs Alexander
Weir, Noel 1926/11/12 Sun Married yesterday to a Sydney girl
Wells, Mr G 1926/03/21 Sun Anglican Minister had a great send of last Friday week
Wells, Parson 1925/08/30 Sun Visited Mrs Percy Hodge
Whittaker, Mrs V 1925/10/26 Mon Expecting her over from “Posie Hill”
Whittaker, Vic Mr 1924/09/11 Thu Saw Dr at Bathurst last Monday re throat, very serious
Whittaker, Willie 1926/11/12 Sun Married yesterday to a Sydney girl
Wiley, Greta 1926/01/14 Thu Visited with Kathleen Colley and Honey Alexander
Wiley, Lottie 1924/04/14 Mon Visited
Wilkins, Dick 1927/10/16 Sun Lost for the 3rd time in the election
Willard, Mrs 1924/01/18-27 Died of Senile decay between 18 – 27 Jan at Balmain, Sydney
Willard, Mrs W. 1925/10/11 Sun Received a letter from with Lena Judge
Williams, Doll 1925/12/13 Sun Now Mrs W Plummer
Williamson 1924/10/04 Sat Owner of Prince Murilla of Danderbang, Euchareena
Williamson 1926/03/14 Sun Owns a race horse, Kimm training it at Ullamalla
Wittaker, Vic Mr 1924/06/01 Sun Taken to Bathurst hospital for operation on bad throat
Woollard, Herb 1927/06/27 Mon Working over in the creek near blue shaft
Wright (Jockey) 1927/01/01 Sat Died falling off a horse at races, being buried at Kandos
Wright, Matron 1927/12/04 Sun New Matron at the hospital, came about a fortnight ago
Yates, Barbara 1927/08/05 Sun In an orchestra from Kandos
Yates, Joe 1927/04/25 Mon Engaged to Miss O. McGee, clerk at Freemantle Station
Yates, Joe 1927/06/01 Wed Married today to Miss McGee of Bathurst
Yates, Joe & Bert 1925/09/10 Thu Leaving for Kandos tomorrow
Yates, Marjorie 1927/04/25 Mon Died four years today, her husband Joe Yates
Yates, Tommie 1924/04/27 Tue Sarah Brodie going to his place for two months
York, Duke & Duchess 1927/03/28 Mon Arrived Sydney last Saturday 26th Mar
Young, Mrs 1924/06/22 Sun Mrs Geo Ellis’s adopted Mother died at Hill End Hospital 4pm