Hill End WW1 Honour Roll

Hill End WW1 Honour Roll

Hill End, like so many other small country towns was deeply affected by the Great War. The young men who had grown up in the village knew where their duty lay and so, many of them enlisted in the services. Within the first year they were also joined by Nurse Alice LeMessurier.

As the Centenary of Anzac Day draws closer we are again thinking of these soldiers and the nurse who spent their formative years in the village or surrounding district. We know their names and now we would like to know more about them so that future generations can also be aware of their contribution. To honour their memory the Hill End & Tambaroora Gathering Group is compiling a publication in time for that Centenary in 2015 which will record the lives and military records of those named on the roll.

Researcher Helen Wood has undertaken the task of researching these WW1 soldiers and has already accessed their war records at the National Archives; however, additional photographs, memorabilia and any further stories about them are being sought from family members so that the information is there for the future.

We would also like to know about any other WW1 soldiers who grew up in the Hill End and Tambaroora area whose names may have not made it to the Honour Roll as they enlisted elsewhere, so that they may now be included in our records. As time draws on much of this first hand knowledge is lost and it is our duty now to record what we can.

If you can help please contact us.

The following names have been recorded on the Roll.

Surname Initials/names
Ackermann Leslie Adam
Ackermann Clarence James
Ackermann Cyril Alfred Love
Ackland William Charles
Amiot Patrick Augustus
Amiot Charles Cecil
Anderson John Ross
Anderson William Archibald
Ashton John
Ashton Douglas
Aylin Albert Edward
Bender Edmund Henry
Blyton Herbert Clemdon
Brailey George Frederick
Brodie Walter Henry
Bromley Edward Arthur
Bryant CGeorge Douglas
Carl Edward
Carl Jack/John Thomas
Carmichael Hilton Hedley
Carver Sydney Raymond
Carver George Havelock
Cooke Frederick George
Craig Jack Ernest
Cross R Frederick Alonzo
Elliott Joseph
English John
Fallon Bernard Alexander
Flynn John
Gaynon Patrick Anthony
Graham George Henry
Hamilton Robert Douglas Lindsay
Heap George
Hodge Russell Frederick
Holloway David
Jeffree Horace William Lyle
Lavender WArthur
Lawson Roy Walter
Lawson O
Lawson Harold Maxwell
LeMessurier William Ernest
LeMessurier Alice Tryphena
Longmore James
Longmore Edward Findley
Longmore Thomas Albert (Bert)
Longmore William James
Longmore Ivan Slack
Longton Henry Hampton
Macryannis Edward Basil Claude
Macryannis John Joseph
Maris Clarence William
Maris Richard Thomas
Marshall Valroy Turon
McAlister Elias Edward
McAlister Robert George aka Garner
Millen John Rankin
Millen Roy Douglas
Moore George Douglas
Nattrass Thomas Edgar
Nattrass Allan Wilfred Ralph
Nattrass Ralph Lionel
Oliver Ernest Sydney Gordon
Perkins William Roy
Robertson John James
Robertson Herbert
Rodwell William George
Rodwell Richard
Ross Herbert Edward Winter
Smith Thomas Oscar
Tanner Arthur Basil
Trevena Charles George
Wallace Harry
Walpole Lee
Walpole William Lee
Walsh Henry James Ambrose
Warry Walter Horwood
Weir Hilton Thomas
Weir Harry Lawrence
Whitley George Thomas
Willard Arthur James
Willard Sydney Aubrey
Woolard Walter Heard