Mines & Claims on Hawkins Hill

The following is a list of mines and their locations in 1872.

The list is taken from 2 maps which have been combined to produce a composite map of the area.(Geological Survey of New South Wales and Harper, L. F. (Leslie Frank), Plan of original claims at Hawkins Hill. Geological Survey of New South Wales, Dept. of Mineral Resources and Development, [Sydney]. & Coates, J. J and Worth, Charles Continuation map shewing [sic] the positions of the principal claims on and south of Hawkins Hill.  1872. )

Click below to go to this composite map which shows the names and locations of claims in 1872.This map will open in a new window. Zoom in for more detail.

Plan of claims on Hawkins Hill 1872  (grid lines yet to be inserted – in the meantime imagine the map to be divided into 5 equal columns A – E and 21 equal rows 1 – 21)


Name of Claim (list includes some Battery & Hotel names)
Grid Reference


Aboriginal     D20
Achilles     C11
Ackermann     D23
Adams     D19
Advance Australia     E14
Age of Progress     F14
Albion     C21
Albion     C11
All Nations     C 5
Alma     D20
Araluen Star     B14
Armstrong     C 8
Ashburn     D14
Australian Wonder     C13
Ballarat & Sydney     B 9
Balmain     E 8
Bang Bang     D 8
Bang Bang New Lease     D 8
Battery ( Vickery)     E 4
Battery (Cahill)     C18
Battery (Louis)     D18
Battery (Price)     B 8
Battery (Pullen)     C 1
Battleaxe     B16
Beard     C 7
Beard & Tallentyre     C 8
Boston     B 1
Braco     D13
Brand and Fletcher     C 9
Brilliant     D 3
British Empire     D13
Byers & Holtermann     C 7
Campbell     D14
Chammon Extended     C17
Champion     D16
Clan Campbell     B16
Cock Attwood & Dwyer     C 6
Colleen Bank     C12
Columbia     C 6
Comet     G13
Concord     C10
Confidence     C16
Confidence Amalgamated     C17
Confidence Amalgamated     B13
Core     B16
Cornucopia     E12
Cosserone     C15
Could and Curry     E16
Croesus     C 4
Crown Prince     D 6
Darleys Main     D19
David Buchanan     E12
Daydawn     F14
De Boos     A17
Diadem     D 4
Double Crown     D19
Duke of Edinburgh     D 4
East Scandinavian     C 2
Edith     D17
Emmett     B 6
Englands Glory     F12
Erin Go Bragh     D21
Esperanza     D13
Eureka     B14
Evening Star     D10
Exhibition     C 3
Farnham     F15
Fischer     C 6
Forrest     C20
Frenchman’s     C 5
Galatea     B16
Gillard     C 8
Gladstone     D 6
Glanmire     B 9
Glencoe     C11
Golconda     C 9
Golden Age     F15
Golden Chain     A16
Golden Crown     D 7
Golden Eagle     C11
Golden Prize     D23
Golden Sceptre     C15
Golden Twins     C20
Gordon     C11
Grandolite     D12
Great Britain     C12
Great Cumberland     B 5
Great Eastern     B10
Great Extended     D 6
Great Northern Amalgamated     C 4
Great Republic     D16
Great Western     C 5
Great Western Undaunted     D 7
Great Wonder     D10
Grecian Bend     C11
Gustafson     D14
Happy Go Lucky     C19
Havilah     C 5
Hawkins Hill South Extension     B14
Helsby     C14
Herman & Stephen     C 6
Hick’s     E 4
Hickson Creighton & Beard     C 6
Holman     B18
Holman     D14
Holman’s Paddock     D 4
Homeward Bound     C19
Honest Lawyer     C17
Hotel (Braggs)     D17
Hotson     C 8
Imperial     D15
Intercolonial     A18
Jeffrey     C 8
Johnson     C 8
Johnson     E12
Joint Stock     B 7
Kaieski     E18
Khromann     C 7
King     C 7
King of the Ranges     D19
Kohinoor     D 5
Lady Belmore     C10
Lady Robinson     D20
Lady Robinson     C10
Lamp Post     D18
Last Chance     D 9
Lily of the South     C 8
Little Dorritt     C 8
Little Wonder     C 9
Liverpool and London     D19
Locomotive     D 3
Lombard Street     B 2
London     D15
Londonderry     D 5
Long Drive     D 7
Lord and Lady Belmore     C10
Lord Ashley     B17
Lord Belmore     D 9
Lord Nelson     D17
Low Level     B 6
Lucknow     C13
Lucky Hit     A15
Magellan Cloud     C14
Main Lead     D 4
Mann     C20
Mann     E12
Mathieson     C 5
May     E18
McCann     C12
McLaughlin     C 2
Mechanics     E15
Merry Monarch     D10
Meyers     C 6
Monarch     A19
Monitor     D 6
Monte Christo     C 7
Morning Star     C10
Morning Star     C 5
Mountain Bee     B11
Napoleon     C 2
Naylor     D12
Neck or Nothing     D17
Neptune     D18
Never Despair     C10
Never Fail     C 4
New Mares Nest     C23
New Zealand No.2     D 8
Niagara     C 4
Nichols     C19
Nichols     F12
Nil Desperandum     C22
Nil Desperandum     C11
No Mistake     E14
No Mistake Extended     E14
Northumberland     C 6
Old England     C13
Old Rose of England No.1     C 9
Old Rose of England No.2     C 9
Orion     E16
Oxon     C 6
Pandora     E19
Patten     B 7
Paxton     C 6
Phoenix     C 6
Piper     C 6
Plutus     D18
Poor Man’s Friend     D17
Porter & Rawsthorne     C 6
Pretty Jane     G13
Pride of the Ocean     C12
Pride of the Turon     C19
Prince Alfred     C17
Prince Alfred Hill     C 5
Prince of Denmark     C23
Prince of Wales     D 3
Princess of Wales     D14
Queen Bee     B12
Queen of England     D12
Rampant Lion     C 6
Rapp     C 7
Red White and Blue     C14
Research (Pullen)     C 3
Rip Van Winkle     B15
Rise and Shine     D17
Robinson Crusoe     A15
Rose and Shine     C 9
Rose of Australia     C21
Rose of Australia     A17
Rose of Australia     D 6
Rose of England     C 8
Rose of Victoria     C10
Royal Alered     C 1
Royal Blue     E18
Royal Exchange     C14
Royal Mail     D 4
Royal Saxon     C 3
Royal Standard Eisenstadter     C 9
Royal Victoria     E17
Rubie     G11
Ruby     C16
Sailor Prince     C19
Sargeant’s Reef (Noake)     B 2
Scandinavian     C 2
Sink to Rise     E17
Sir Hercules     B18
Sons of Freedom     C 3
South Hawkins Hill     C13
South Star     B15
South Star     B15
Southern Cross     D12
Sovereign     D16
Speculation     C 5
Spence     F16
Spot     C 3
St Helena     E15
St Marys     G12
Star of Hope     C13
Star of Hope     C 7
Star of Oakey     B10
Star of Peace (Bromley)     C 6
Stepping Stone     C14
Stevenson     D19
Success     C15
Success     C 9
Sullivan Body     C18
Sydney Clunes     D 9
Thornton     C15
Tippet’s     C 5
Trenchard’s     B 4
True Briton     D21
Trust and Try     C 5
Unicorn     C 6
Vickery     D 7
Waratah     C21
Warrior Aure     D11
Waterwitch     E17
West Khromann     C 7
Western Beauty     B12
Western Star     E13
Wheel of Fortune     E13
White Star     D17
Windsor Castle     B18
Wonder of the World     C15
Working Miners     B13
Young Australia


(source:  The top part of the map is taken from   Harper, L. F. (Leslie Frank) and Geological Survey of New South Wales The Hill End Tambaroora gold-field. Government Printer, Sydney, 1918.The bottom half is taken from Coates, J. J and Worth, Charles Continuation map shewing the positions of the principal claims on and south of Hawkins Hill. , 1872. )