1854, October – Sofala inhabitants re Police Magistrate

The Petition:

54/9161 – Inhabitants of Sofala re Police Magistrate

20th Oct. 1854

James Dalyell – Police Magistrate respecting a Petition from the Inhabitants of Sofala for his retention as Police Magistrate.

Sofala Oct 16th /54


With reference to a Petition, which I believe has been forwarded by the Inhabitants of this place, requesting His Excellency the Governor General, to retain me in the Office of Police Magistrate here:-

I have the honor to state that this has been done entirely without my knowledge, and I pledge my word of honor, that I have never in any way, either directly, or indirectly, solicited, or suggested, or endeavored to induce the residents here to adopt such a course. – – –

Such a proceeding on my part, would have been highly unbecoming, and reprehensible, and as the Governor General may possibly be led to suppose, that I have used some undue influence in this matter, as a means of retaining my Appointment, I have the honor to request that this communication may be laid before him. – – –

I have the honor to be


Your obed. servt.

James Dalyell
Police Magistrate, Sofala

The petition

The Honorable
The Colonial Secretary

54/8370 forwarded to 54/9161

25th Sepbr. 1854

Residents & others Turon praying that they may not be deprived the services of Mr J. Dalyell Assist. Gold Commisr. Acting Pol. Magte.
To His Excellency Sir Charles Augustus Fitz Roy Kn. K.C.B. Governor General of New South Wales etc. etc.

The Petition of the undersigned, Residents, Trade4s & Gold Diggers on the Turon, and Police District thereof.

Respectfully Sheweth,

That your Petitioners have heard a contemplated reduction in the number of the Officers of the Gold Force is about to take place, and if such reduction is effected, Petitioners fear that this District will be deprived of the services of James Dalyell Esqr. Assistant Gold Commissioner, and Acting Police Magistrate, in consequence, as they are informed, that he is the Junior Assistant Commissioner at Sofala, and likely therefore to be discontinued. – Your Petitioners would respectfully draw the attention of your Excellency to the fact, that the entire Police duties of this District have been under the control and guidance of Mr. Dalyell, from the period of his appointment here, and his decisions, and attention to the requirements of the District, have been such as to inspire general confidence, and promote peace and security both to the persons and property of Your Petitioners. –

Your Petitioners therefore respectfully solicit your Excellency to continue Mr. Dalyell in his present situation here, as being an Officer much required, and most universally esteemed and Your Petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray. –

The Petitioners:

Name Occupation
Abnett, James Digger
Adams, Robert Butcher
Alderson, John Digger
Allan, James Digger
Allan, John Digger
Allen, C.F. Store Keeper
Allen, Carlis Gold Digger
Allen, Charles Digger
Allen, James Digger
Allen, Jn. Digger
Allen, R.D. Digger
Allen, R.F. Digger
Anderson, Geor Miner
Andrews, William Digger
Armonn, Samuel ????  ????
Armonn, Samuel, Jun Digger
Arnold, Fredk. Digger
Ash, Richard   X Digger
Baker, John Digger
Bara,? Alfred (Barr?) Store Keeper
Barter, Edward C. Digger
Bartlett, William Digger
Beattie, James Digger
Bedford, H.A. Inn Keeper
Bell, William Surgeon (London College)
Bellamy, John Digger
Bendle, James Gold Digger
Berry, William Blacksmith
Bird, John Digger
Blakefield, Charles Store Keeper
Blanchard, Joseph Digger
Bland, Wm.  O.C.
Booth, Js. Digger
Bowen, Thomas Digger
Boyd, James Baker
Brennan, Patrick Gold Digger
Bridges, Edward Miner
Brothers ? Gold Miners )
Browne, Richard Gold Digger
Budgers, ???m Digger
Budgers, Samuel? Digger
Bungate, James   X Digger
Burn, Thos. Digger
Burton, William   )  by Dr Bell Digger
Butsworth, William Gold Digger
Byrne, Laurence Inn Keeper
Byrnes, Patrick
C????, Alber Digger
Caff, George Digger
Caines, Samuell Miner
Calbert, Joseph Digger
Cammeron, John Digger
Campbell, James Digger
Campbell, William Digger
Camphy, William P. Digger
Carlisle, John Digger
Carney, John Gold Digger
Carney, Thos.  X Gold Digger
Carr, James Digger
Carter, ???ury Butcher
Carter, Dal. Chas. Gold Digger
Carter, James    )  by Dr Bell Digger
Carter, W.H. Gold Digger
Catley, J Storekeepers )
Cavey, Stephen Digger
Chapman, Wm. Gold Digger
Chisholm, H Storekeeper
Clapham, Samuel Publican
Clarke, Henry Irving Lic. A??????, London
Cobb, Fredk. Wm. Gold Digger
Coedin, Cornelies Digger
Coghlan, James
Conley, J??? Gold Digger
Connor, Patrick Digger
Constable, Robt. Licensed Victualler
Cooper, Alexr. Inn Keeper
Cooper, Thomas Gold Digger
Corbett, Thomas School Master
Corcorane, John Digger
Crossley, William Digger
Crownan, J Digger
Cubbin, John Gold Digger
Dardier, ?.?.? Miner
Dashnele, Henry
Davies, Dd. Digger
Davis, John          )  by Dr Bell Digger
Day, William Gunsmith
Delaney, James Digger
Delany, Thomas Digger
Dennison, Danial Digger
Denshie, Patrick
Dodd, Henry Digger
Downey, James Digger
Dunbar, Joseph Gold Digger
Dunlevey, John Digger
Dunn, Chas. Miner
Dunsford, James Trader
Dwyer, William Gold Digger
Eaton and   ) Gold Miners )
Ellis, Alfred Digger
Elmes, William Thomas Gold Digger
Falconer, D Storekeeper
Fenwick, R
Fitzmaurice, B. Digger
Flanagan, Luke Digger
Flannigan, Luke Store Keeper
Floyd, John Digger
Fogarty, Thomas Digger
Fogge, F.B. Digger
Foley, Daniel Publican
Foreman, Larkin Butcher
Forrest, Robert
Foster, John  by Dr Bell Digger
Foster, Joseph Miner
Fry, George Miner
Fulton, James Store Keeper
Furlong, John Digger
Furlong, John Digger
Gaffney, Bryan Digger
Gaffney, Patrick Digger
Gale, John Butcher
Galutt,? Camillo (Salutt?) Gold Digger
Gard, Thos. Digger
Gardner, Henry Gold Digger
Garhend, James P. Gold Digger
Garrett, E. Digger
Gasdon,? Richard ??chard
Gaynor, Dennis Licensed Victueller
Geinesk, William Digger
Gess, Geo. G Inn Keeper
Gess, George Digger
Gibbon, Edward Gold Digger
Giffiths, John Gold Digger
Giles J.W. Inn Keeper
Glissen, James Digger
Goodwin, James Carrier
Granger, Henry Digger
Grant, John
Gray, Robert Sheep Farmer
Green, J. Thos Digger
Greeves, Joseph Digger
Griffen, Patrick Digger
Groom,? William H Store Keeper
Hagan, Patrick Digger
Hampson, George
Harris, Daniel Digger
Harris, John Miner
Harris, John   X Digger
Harris, William Miner
Harris, William Digger   X
Harry, J Gold Digger
Hart, John Gold Digger
Harvey, Willm. Digger
Hawsthorne, Robt. Miner
Hayes, Wm Digger
Healy, Francis Digger
Helhem, Thomas Digger
Hemsworth, Richard Digger
Heny, James Digger
Herrick, James Digger
Hilbon, Thomas Trader
Hill, Saml.
Hogsflesh, Alfred Gold Digger
Holmes, Edward Digger
Holmes, Edward Gold Digger
Holmes, T. Digger   X
Hord,? James Digger
Horsley, John Gold Miner
Hu(a)rrison, Andrew X (his mark) Digger
Huntun, Thomas Boot Maker
Hurst, Henry Digger
Hurst, Thomas Digger
Hutchison, Alexr. Miner
Hyde, John Digger
James, W.  X Digger
Jeffers, Denis Digger
Jeffers, John Digger
Jeffers, William Digger
Johnson, H. Digger
Johnson, W.  X Digger
Jones, Edward     )   by Dr Bell Digger
Jones, John Digger
Jones, John Digger
Kearney, Laurence Trader
Kelf, Joseph Store Keeper
Kelly, James Digger
Kelly, N.N.? Store Keeper
Keregan, Patk. ??? Keeper
Kerr, Santy Gold Digger
Kerrvin, John Digger
Kews, Richard S. Digger
King, Wm Digger
Kipplen, Mr. Gold Miner
L????, John Butcher
Large, Thomas Digger
Lark??n,?R.A. Digger
Larter, ???lary, Butcher
Lavender, Robert Gold Digger
Lavers, Samuel
Lee, Matthew Gold Miner
Lennon, Danl. W. Gold Digger
Liddell, James Gold Digger
Louchin, John Digger
Low, Alexd Digger
Low, John Digger
Lu???, Ch??? Carrier
Lynch, John G.
Lytton, James Stationer
Mackmurdo, H.H. Surgeon M.R.C.L(?ondon)
Maepie, Arthur General Dealer
Maher, William Trader
Mallahan, Thomas Digger
Manich,? William Digger
Mareen, William Digger
Martin, B. Store Keeper
Martin, J.B. Store Keeper
Martin, John Gold Digger
Martin, John Gold Digger
May, George H. Inn Keeper
McAndrews, John (Andrews) Digger
McCarthy, Timothy Digger
McDougal, Robt. Digger
McIntyre, Alexr. Digger
McLarty, Dugale Digger
McLean, Farquhar Inn Keeper
McLean, Hry, B. Miner
McLean, M. Inn Keeper
Mellor,? Charles Digger
Millen, Charles H.J. Mariner
Millen, Henry Painter
Mills, James Digger
Mitchell, James Gold Digger
Moon, Joseph Digger
More,? Hery Minor
Morgan, Francis Digger
Mornay, Joseph Inn Keeper
Morrell, James Digger
Mullany,? James Inn Keeper
Murphy, John Digger
Neale, George Store Keeper
Neech, ? ?ealer
Nichole, David Digger
Nine, Harry Digger
Noble, Archibald Digger
Now, R.
O’Brien, William Inn Keeper
Orton, James Gold Digger
Orton, John Miner
Oxenham, Henry Digger
Oxford, John (Okford?)  by Dr Bell Digger
Packham, John Butcher
Parker, Henry Digger
Parker, Wm Digger
Partridge, Wm. Gold Miner
Patterson, Joseph Boarding & Store Keeper
Peckham, John Digger
Pegley, Ritchard Digger
Phillips, James Digger
Phillips, William Digger
Philssick,? William Digger
Pidding, George S.H. Store Keeper
Plunkett Wm. Digger
Porter Daniel
Power, Michael Digger
Prichard, Joseph Miner
Prossor, John Digger
Prout, James Sheriffs Bailiff
Pybus, E.J. Digger
Pyne, James Digger
Riescolt, William Gold Digger
Robbins, Henry Digger
Robbins, Thos Digger
Roberts Samuel Gold Digger
Roberts,Henry Digger
Rodgers, G.G. Digger
Rogers, George Digger
Ross, John
Ross, John Digger
Ross, John Gold Digger
Rufforde, W.B.
Rusk, Timothy Dundees Miner
Russell, Robart Digger
Russell, William Digger
Ryan, William Store Keeper
Salkeld, Luke Gold Miner
Sayer, G.B. Gold Digger
Scarnell, Samuel Digger
Sears, Danl. Digger
Shaw, Joseph Pound Keeper
Shepard, Thos. Digger
Showcross, Thos. Digger
Smith, B. Old Digger
Smith, David Digger
Smith, George Digger
Smith, Jerry Digger
Smith, John Digger
Smith, John Gold Digger
Smith, Thos. Gold Digger
South, Thomas Publican
Stafford, Joseph Digger
Stephens, Geo. Digger
Stonestreet, Thos.
Stonham, D.H. Publican
Sullivan, James Inn Keeper
Sutherland, Chas. Store Keeper
Swan, Henry ?. Butcher
Tannimen, John Miner
Taylor, Mark Robinson Shoe Maker
Tegan, Caw. N.? Storekeeper
Theabld,? Robert Miner
Thomas, H. Digger
Thomas, Henry Digger
Thompson, T. Digger
Thove,? Tom (Move?) Miner
Thulkeld?, Thos. S Storekeeper
Tilling, James Licensed Victular
Timbele, F   X Digger
Tobin, W. Gold Digger
Troy, Charles Gold Digger
Tunts,? J.H. Gold Digger
Vines, Benjn.
Wallace, George P. Store Keeper
Warby, Wm. Gold Digger
Watson, Francis Nathaniel Digger
Watson, Thom Publican
Watt, John Gold Digger
Weight, J and Storekeepers )
Wellington, Edward Digger
Welsh, John Carpenter
West, C.J.
Willcock, John Digger
William, J.S.  Son Cordial Manufacturer
William, Jas. F.M. Cordial Manufacturer
Williams, John Digger
Williams, Owen Digger
Winterson, James Digger
Withendge, Thomas Shoemaker
Yerong, Andrew Miner
York, William Digger
Young, John Gold Digger