1858, March – Tambaroora Miners re a local court

The Petition:


To His Excellency Sir William Thomas Denison, Knight Commander of the most Honourable Order of the Bath, Governor General in and all over Her Majesty’s Colonies of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Territory of New South Wales and its dependencies and Vice Admiral of the same also unto The Executive Council of New South Wales

The humble Petition of the Undersigned Holders of Miners rights
for the District of Tambaroora — New South Wales — March 29th 1858


That your Petitioners are desirous of bringing to your Notice the necessity for the Establishment of a Local Court agreeable and in conformity to the Gold Fields Act passed and assented to, the 11th day of March 1857.

That the Petitioners have been much obstructed and injured in the carrying out their Operations from the want of Local regulations applicable to this District, and therefore, humbly beg you will take into your gracious consideration, the propriety and necessity of declaring forthwith this Gold Field to be a district for the purpose of forming a Local Court, agreeable to the above mentioned Act and to appoint a Chairman for the same.

That your Petitioners have been much retarded in the procuration of Gold by the want of Water owing to the Drought, also from the want of precautionary regulations, to restrain parties, from the wanton waste when plentiful; also some measures to stop and prevent the pollution of the Water, set apart for domestic purposes, are required — parties at the present time have to fetch drinkable Water from a distance of Two Miles, which could have been prevented by proper regulations under the aforesaid Gold Fields Act of the 11th March 1857.

That your Petitioners submit to your Notice respectfully, that at Tambaroora the Gold is disseminated in small quantities generally throughout the Earth making the employment of Puddling Machines and the erection of Dams necessary to save the water – rendering an outlay of Capital necessary also, to be enabled, to work all the Year round but owing to the vacillating policy of the present Commissioner there is no permanent security to any great outlay of Capital.

That your Petitioners humbly submit to your Notice that all Gold Fields wherein the Local Courts have been granted, Gold Mining has become a settled and permanent occupation and no Gold Field gives in this District a greater or more sure return for an outlay of Labour and Capital than the Gold Fields of Tambaroora in New South Wales —–

Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray that Your Excellency
will graciously be pleased to take this petition into your kind
and just consideration

And your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray

The Petitioners:

Allerbon John
Bagges John?
Barlow James (x)
Barnes David (x)
Bell Moses
Bradshaw Phillip
Brown? Henry G
Byrne? John
Cassidy Michael
Chapman J S
Clifton? David
Clynn Alex
Coleman Richard
Cooper Thos
Corner Andrew
Cotton Richard (x)
Creighton John
Cusack Tim
Daniel Thomas (x)
Dunn Samuel
Edwards William
Engelsby? William
Evans W. (x)
Evans? James
Farrington Redmond
Ferguson Archibald
Field George
Fitzgerald John
Frazer? Arthur
Fry William
Golding John
Golding Joseph
Gugen John
Gugen Frances?
Hallard? Henry (x)
Hamlin? John
Hansen William
Hanshaw John
Hening? Mathew
Henry? D
Henry? William
Hogan Timothy
Hook Thomas
Hooke Thomas
Howard Henry
Jenkins? William
Jordan? William
Kempson William
Leaner? James
Lee William
Lee Mathew
Lee James
Lewis C
Lyall Chas.
Magher Thomas
Matthews Henry
May Henry
McGrath Michael
McGrath Thomas
O’Brin John
Page William
Paradise J
Pidding George H
Rawsthorne Thos.
Rey William
Rice Thomas
Riunnes? H
Rourke? John
Rowley Frederick Wyatt
Rowley W
Salkeld Luke
Shepherd Fred
Shillington Richard
Tierney? James
White Joseph
Wingfield George
Young James H (x)