1859, August – Tambaroora residents re Forster Gold Commissioner

The Petition:


59/3652 – 19th August, 1859

59/3419 − 22 August, 1859

Mr Wade

13th August 1859

Transmitting a Memorial from Inhabitants Tambaroora against removal of Forster, Gold Comm. & Resident Magistrate

I beg to forward to your office for presentation to His Excellency the Governor General, the enclosed memorial from the resident Inhabitants of the Township of Tambaroora, also to communicate their respectful solicitations that you will have the kindness to cause the same to be laid before His Excellency at your earliest convenience.

I am


Your most Obedient Servant

William Wade

On behalf of a Committee of the aforesaid Inhabitants appointed to carry out the object.

To The Honourable

The Colonial Secretary

___ Etc. ___ Etc. ___ Etc.





Tambaroora, 13th August 1859

To His Excellency Sir William Thomas Denison Knight, Commander of the most Honourable Order of the Bath, Governor General in, and over all Her Majesty’s Territories of New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, Captain General, and Governor in Chief in and over the territories of New South Wales and its dependencies, and Vice Admiral of the same.

___ Etc.___Etc.___ Etc.___

This Petition of the resident inhabitants of the District of Tambaroora

Most Respectfully sheweth –

That Your Excellency Memorialists hear with extreme regret that it is the intention of certain interested parties to effect the removal of their esteemed Commissioner, Thomas Forster, Esquire, who, both as Gold Commissioner and Resident Magistrate at Tambaroora, has given the public general satisfaction for several years, and is, consequently, highly, and deservedly respected by them, not only for his general urbanity as Gold Commissioner, but also for his strictly impartial administration of the laws as a resident Magistrate.

That Your Memorialists earnestly hope Your Excellency will feel pleased to withhold your sanction to such removal, for the aforesaid reasons, and to retain a Government Officer in whom the general public of Tambaroora place the greatest confidence.

For which Your Excellency’s Memorialists will, as in duty bound ever pray. Etc.


The Petitioners:

Adams William
Anderson John
Anderson George
Anderson James
Apsley William
Arnold Thomas
Badman Samuel
Baldwin William
Barber Edward
Barlow James
Barnes John
Barnett Edward
Baskerville John
Baskerville Joseph
Beard John
Bennett James
Booth Thomas
Brand Robert
Brown Samuel
Bryden William
Bumstead John
Burns Samuel
Campbell Francis
Camwell Edwin
Carr Henry
Carr John
Cassidy Junior Michael
Charters James
Chesterfield Frederick
Chivers George
Clark John
Clarke Lewis
Clements John
Clothier George
Colbert Charles
Collings Reuben
Collister William
Cook John
Cormack Christopher
Cormer Andrew
Cowell James
Cox Thomas
Cramer Henry
Cullen Richard
Cullen William
Cullen Junior James
Cullen Senior James
Cully Thomas
Cunningham William
Cutts T
Cutts James
Cutts (Sen) Joseph
Dagger James
Darrell James
Devonport C.
Dewdney George
Diener Alois
Dillistone Thomas
Dwyer Henry
Edwards William
Edwards James
Eichram George
Ellis Samuel
Ennis Walter
Ennis John
Eryson Hans E.
Evans Charles
Everson John
Farmer R. W.
Farrington Redmond
Fisher J.
Fletcher George
Flint William
Foster Richard
Fraser Angus
Fry William
Gain James
Gain George S.
Giles John
Gillies Nathaniel
Goodwin Enoch
Grattan Charles
Grieg William
Griffin John
Gudgeon Francis
Gudgeon John
Haggard Samuel
Hall George
Hancock Edward
Hanshaw John
Hawke Richard
Hearring Maurice
Hendie?sen James
Henrickson? Junior John
Hosie Stanley
Housely Joseph
Howard Henry
Iver James
Jenkins James
Johnson David B.
Johnson James
Jones John
Jones Robert
Jowett John
Kearn Peter
Kearn John Patrick
Kenton William
Kenworthy John Proctor
Kert? Nicholas
Knight Dr J. B.
Kyle Robert
Lackman Charles James
Land Robert
Lee Matthew
Levey Thomas
Levy Joseph
Lightening James
Lye Joseph
Lynch Maurice
Lynch Junior John
Lynch Senior John
Macdonald Frederick
Macquick David
Martin Thomas
Martin John
Matthews Henry
May Henry George
McCreight John
McCue John
McEwen John
McGrath Michael
Mcguiner? Walter
McNamara Matthew
Merry James
Mitchell James
Molony Edward
Morgan John Price
Murphy Thomas
Murray William
Neadrick William
Neale J.
Neale James
Newton James
Nicholas John
Nicholas Junior Thomas
Nicholas Senior Thomas
Nicholl Hugh
Nicholls Stephen
Noble Arthur
Noble Arthur
Noidin Jonas
O’Brien William
Oliveira Melchior J?oa Jose
Palmer John
Palmer William
Palmer Junior John
Parker Thomas
Parr William
Parrott William
Paten Thomas
Paxton Joseph B.
Paxton James
Peaty George
Peitzeker H.
Pennoyer? E. A.
Phillips James O.
Phillips James
Pister? Edward H.R.
Potter? Henry
Poulson Joseph
Reid Samuel
Reid Isaac
Renateau Samuel
Renshill John
Renshill Junior John
Rivers Elijah
Rivers Francis?
Rivers Frederick
Rivers Charles
Roberts J. R.
Robertson Alexander
Roe Richard
Ross John
Ross Senior James
Russell James
Salkeld Luke
Salkeld James
Savage Charles
Seide William
Shepherd Ambrose
Sierney James
Simmonds Henry
Slack Joseph Thomas
Slack (P.Master) William James
Slack Junior William James
Smith William
Smith Thomas
Smith James
Smith 2nd James
Smyth H. M.
Spencer William W.
Spollon Michael
Standbridge Joseph
Standing John
Standing Samuel
Stephens William
Stephens Maurice
Stewart James A.
Styles Thomas Lewis
Trengrove Samuel
Vollum John
Wade Robert
Wade Junior William
Wade Junior 2nd William
Wade Senior William
Walpole Joseph
Walsh Michael
Warby William
Watson Hepburn A.
Webster William
Weir John King
Werner Francis
White George
Whiteway Junior William
Whiteway Senior William
Wiggett James
Willard James ?.
Williams George
Williams John
Winslett William
Wythes Edward
Wythes Junior Thomas
Yates George



Attached Certificate.

To His Excellency Sir William Thomas Denison, Knight; Commander of the

Most Honriable Order of the Bath, and Governor General of all Her Majesty

Australian Territories.   ____

Etc. ____ Etc. ____ Etc. ____


May it please you Excellency; ___

We, the undersigned members of the committee appointed by the servant Traders, Miners and other Inhabitants of Tambaroora whose names are subscribed to this memorial, most respectfully be leave to submit for your Excellency’s consideration the following reason for our having also forwarded a copy of the same.

That notwithstanding all precautionary measures were taken to keep the original circulating for signature, it was found to be practically impossible with respect to the mining class in general, yet we consider it essentially requisite to forward it to your Excellency as a genuine voucher for the correctness of the accompanying Copy.

Thomas Lewis Stylon

William Wade Senior

William James Slack

Thomas Paten

John Beard

J Millen