1866, April – Sofala Re Bah Fook includes 2 versions of translations & transcriptions of Chinese names on the petition

The Petition:

66/4130 – Sofala Re Bah Fook

Petition of Bah Fook, a Chinese, seeking remission or mitigation of sentence.

Will Judge Cary have the goodness to favor the Attorney General with a report hereon.

B.C. 14th April 1866

Report on Petition of Bah Fook – (66/4130)

I cannot report satisfactorily on this case with troubling the Attorney General with a detailed statement of all important particulars.

The Prisoner Bah Food was tried for “wounding with intent” a child above four years of age.

Anne Barrett, the mother of the child, deposed that the Prisoner came to her house to bring peaches that she told Antonio Auri, an Italian, to turn him out because he was a bad man and that Antonio Auri did so. That some time afterward Prisoner returned, pushed the door open and said “I’ll kill them all” that he thereupon struck the child with a stone or bottle he held in his hand, and inflicted a wound (which, according to the Medical testimony, was a very serious one).

Fanny Barrett, daughter of the preceding witness and aged twelve, confirmed her Mother’s testimony in all particulars.

Antonio Auri – deposed to having turned the Prisoner out of the house, and to his own having left at the same time and not returning until after the blow had been struck and the coming of the Police. He says “I heard a scream and went for the Sergeant”.

The above, with the Medical testimony, comprises the case for the prosecution. Had no witnesses been called for the defense my impression at the time was that the jury would have discredited the evidence of Anne Barrett, and have regarded that of the girl as the result of intruder – and so have attributed the wound to accident.

But for the defense two Chinamen were called, the first

Hooken deposed that he called on Anne Barrett and used her as his wife, and in ten minutes left the house. Knowing that two other of his countrymen were about to follow his steps, he planted himself to see the pair. He then saw Ah Tin, the next witness, go in. After Ah Tin had left Antonio Auri went in, followed shortly by the Prisoner. He adds “I saw Antonio shove the Prisoner out – at the same time the woman struck the Prisoner on the back”. I saw nothing in Prisoners hand. I saw Charlotte (the wounded child) and some one fall atop of her.

Ah Tin deposed to the same effect as the preceding witness. He says “When I went out Antonio went in, in three or four minutes. After him in three or four minutes Prisoner went in. I saw Antonio push him out. Mrs Barrett came out afterwards and struck something in Prisoner’s back. I saw the wound afterwards. I did not see Prisoner strike that child. I saw woman, man and child fall all on a heap”.

The jury, I believe considering the defense too ????ting to be ?????ed, found the Prisoner Guilty of Unlawfully wounding.

On the 20th of May last I examined Mr Johnson, P.M. of Sofala, and Sergeant Casey who arrested the Prisoner. Their statements are included.

Mr Johnson P.M.

“Mrs Barrett is well known to me – has been frequently brought before the Court for drinking, abusive language and petty theft. I would not believe her on her oath. Her moral character is bad – her house is complained of as a brothel. Her Husband has the reputation of conniving at his wife’s prostitution for the purpose of obtaining money. She was committed for stabbing the Chinaman at the same time that he was committed for injuring her child.

The Crown Prosecutor did not bring on the case for trial because of the supposed ?????? of the Chinese witnesses in the first case. I am inclined to think that in striking at her he struck her child”.

Sergeant Casey.

“Mrs Barrett is a prostitute for Chinese. She first said Prisoner struck her with a knife. She afterwards changed that. He was arrested on the spot. He was then wounded. Antonio Auri, an Italian, was in the house, her husband’s mate, her reputed paramour.”

I have come to the conclusion that the Prosecution is a fabricated story and that the defense is true. If the Attorney General agrees with me he will doubtly recommend the case to the merciful consideration of His Excellency.

Henry Cary

July 27, 1866

66:524 – 20th March (This page is numerous notations)

Clerk of Executive Council, B.C. 9th March, transmitting Petition of Bah Food, a Chinaman, praying remission, or mitigation of Sentence.

15th Augt /66
Give authority for taking Two years off the sentence in conformity with the Attorney Genl. Opinion and releasing Bah Fook at the (next bit is missing)

Send the enclosed to Judge Cary with a request that he will report therein
19 April 1866

His Excellency
11 Jul 1866

??? District Court Judge Cary’s report is sent herewith. It will be seen that he thinks that “the Prosecution is a fabricated story” and should be disposed to recommend a (can’t read next ten words) the absence of new evidence discovered since the trial would be too direct an interference in the ???? function of the Jury. I think however that two years might if His Excellency thinks fit be taken off the sentence.
The Petition:

To His Excellency Sir John Young Knight Commander of the Bath Governor in Chief of the Colony of New South Wales and to the Honorable the Members of the Executive Council in Council assembled
BAH FOOK praying remission of sentence

The Humble Petition of Bah Fook late of Sofala in the Colony of New South Wales Gold digger now a prisoner on the public works of the Colony.


That at the sittings of the Bathurst Court of Quarter Sessions holden at Bathurst on the tenth day of February instant before His Honor Henry Cary Esquire the presiding Judge of that Court your Petitioner was arraigned upon a charge of feloniously wounding a child of the age of four years and your petitioner was found guilty of unlawfully wounding the said child and was sentenced to three
years’ imprisonment with hard labor on the Roads or other public works of the Colony.

2. That your Petitioner though found guilty of so wounding the said child has no knowledge of ever seeing her and humbly submits that he had not and could not have had any malicious feeling towards the said child.

3. That your Petitioner is a native of China that he came to this Colony upwards of nine years ago and during that time he has resided in and about Sofala where he has worked as a Gold digger.

4. That your Petitioner is well known by the people of Sofala, very many of whom can testify to the good character and conduct of your petitioner during his residence among them and your petitioner says that he has never before the time referred to in this petition been charged with an offence of any kind whatever.

Your Petitioner therefore humbly prays that your Excellency with the advice of the Executive Council will be pleased to grant your Petitioner a remission or some mitigation of his sentence And your Petitioner will ever pray.

We the undersigned whose name and addresses are as hereunder written, certify that the Petitioner Bah Fook has been known to us for many years and we have always found him to be a respectable and industrious Gold miner in Sofala and within its neighbourhood.

The Petitioners:

Name Address Occupation
Anderson, W Publican Publican
Bell, James Sofala Boot Maker
Chisholm, J F Sofala Saddler
Colliss, D Sofala Storekeeper
Cummins, John Sofala Store Keeper
Fallon, T Sofala Storekeeper
Fenehan, John Sofala Tailor
Flynn, Eillin Sofala Publican
Foreman, L Sofala Mail Contractor
Grice, Henry Sofala Publican
Keegan Patrick Sofala Store Keeper
Knight, W Sofala Gold digger
Kurney, Laurence Peel Inn Keeper
Lonerigan, William Sofala Shoe Maker
Maher, William Sofala Boot & Shoe Maker
Maxwell,? ? R Sofala Storekeeper
Morson, Wm Sofala Inn keeper
O’Connor, Thos Sofala Storekeeper
Piper, William Sofala Tailor
Poulsen, H Sofala B??????
Quin, Stephen Sofala Publican
Riley, Patrick Sofala Store Keeper
Robinson, Henry R Sofala Tailor
Smid,? John Two Mile Creek Squatter
Spalding, Henry Sofala Shoe Maker
Taylor, William Sofala Undertaker
White, John Sofala Storekeeper
Wilde, Fredk. Spring Creek, Turon Storekeeper
William Sofala Gold Digger
Williams, John Sofala Publican

The next lot of names have Chinese symbols with English translation done at time of petition.

Su Po Long  (1) Sofala Chinese Storekeeper
Ti Long  (2) Sofala Chinese Storekeeper
Sum Kom Wah  (3) Sofala Chinese Storekeeper
Sun Quong Tong  (4) Bathurst Chinese Store
San Yap  (5) Sofala Chinese Storekeeper
Ap Long  (6) Sofala Chinese Storekeeper
Sun Ut Long  (7) Sofala Chinese Storekeeper
Joh Lang Tong  (8) Sofala Apothecary
Ah Chong  (9)

The following names were in Chinese script and have been translated by Arthur Chan (student of linguistics)

So Po Long  (1)
Tai Long Fook Kei  (2)
Sun Kum Wah  (3) Sofala and Sydney
Sun Kwong Fong  (4) Bathurst
Sam Yip  (5)
Hap Lung Sing Kei  (6)
Sun Yuet Long  (7)
Joh Ling Tong  (8) (Main Town)
Law ??? Fu  (9)

The following names are listed vertically.No addresses or occupations listed.

Address is translated as:-  In/At Sofala Town.

Occupation is translated as:-  Make Gold  Man/People  Gold Miner.

?? ?? Pit
?? Cheong
?? Chun
?? Gong
?? Kwai Tsz
?? Sing
?? Yee
?? Zai
Ah ??
Ah ??
Ah Bing
Ah Bo
Ah Chau
Ah Chi
Ah Ching
Ah Chung
Ah Dai
Ah Fat
Ah Fat
Ah Fok
Ah Fong
Ah Foo
Ah Foon
Ah Foon
Ah Fu
Ah Fu
Ah Ga
Ah Heung
Ah Hing
Ah Ho
Ah Kam
Ah Kat
Ah Kau
Ah King
Ah Kun
Ah Kwai
Ah Kwai
Ah Kwan
Ah Kwong
Ah Kwun
Ah Lin
Ah Loi
Ah Loi
Ah Man
Ah Mau
Ah Ming
Ah Mui
Ah Mui
Ah Nok
Ah Nou
Ah Nui
Ah Ping
Ah Ping
Ah Po
Ah Sau
Ah Sau
Ah Shuen
Ah Shun
Ah Sin
Ah Sin
Ah Sin
Ah Sing
Ah Sing
Ah Song
Ah Sun
Ah Sun
Ah Tai
Ah Tok
Ah Tong
Ah Tsai
Ah Tsz
Ah Tsz
Ah Tsz
Ah Wo
Ah Wu
Ah Wun
Ah Yam
Ah Yau
Ah Yin
Ah Yiu
Ah Yiu
Ah Yong
Ah Zi
Bah Cheong
Bou ??
Cheong Tsau
Chik Kin
Ching Yau
Ching Yau
Choi Foon
Chong Ching
Chuen Hong
Chuen Yau
Chun Wong
Chun Wong
Chun Woon
Chung Kin
Dai Lei
Dai Tak
Dong Chuen
Dou Zi
Fo Sang
Fong Wun
Fook Chuen
Fook Fu
Fook Long
Fook Wun
Foon Kau
Foon Yi
Foon Zai
Fu Yin Kau
Fu Ysai
Fu Yun
Fung Lei
Ho Koon ??
Ho Kwun
Hoi Long
Hong Chun
Jau Foon
Jau Lei
Jau Zai
Jou Yak
Kam Jau
Kam Yau
King Bong
King Kwong
King Mau
Ko Joh Yin
Koon Dai
Koon Loi
Koon Yin
Kwai Lam
Kwun Hoi
Lai Sun Je
Leung Lei
Leung Pei
Li Cheong
Lik Kit Pai
Lin Jau
Lin Long
Lin Woon
Lo Lam
Long Loi
Long Wo
Lou King
Lou Lei
Lou Yan
Luk Sau
Mai Woon
Man Lei
Moon? Yi
Nui Tong
Ou Pei
Pei Kei
Pei Ling
Po Wun
Pou Kam
Pou Sing
Saeh Foon
Sek Cheung
Shing Lei
Shu Fun
Sin  Zai
Sin Po
Sing Cheong
Sing Cheung
Sing Foon
Sing Gong
Sing Yau
Sing Yi
Sing Zai
So Zai
Soen Chun
Tai Au
Tai King
Tak Bong
Tak Tong
Tang Lei Lin
Tat ??
Ting Kah
Tou Yau
Tsai Lam
Tsai Wun
Tsz Cheong
Wah Yau
Wo Oh
Wong Sheung
Wong Wai (before next name)
Woon Chun
Woon Wong
Wun Zai
Yam Ah
Yam Tak
Yau Cheung
Yau Pei
Yau Sin
Yau Wong
Yau Ying
Yeung On
Ying Tsai
Yiu ??
Yiu Foon
Yong Fuen
Yong Hing
Yuen ??
Yuen Nok
Yuen Tat
Yuen Wong
Yuet Seung
Yuk Dai


Name in pinyin [or rather “English Transliteration”] Occupation Address Address in Chinese Page no.
Pak Fook/Bah Fook [the second is the transliteration given on the original petition] 7 & 8
So Po Loong/Su Po Long [the second is the transliteration given on the original petition] Ch storekeeper Sofala 都侖 [= “Turon” = Sofala] 10
San Kwong Foong/Sun Quong Fong [the second is the transliteration given on the original petition] Ch storekeeper Bathurst 吧打市(the last character has a “口” on the left-hand side) [= Bathurst] 10
San Yuet Loong/Sun Ut Long [the second is the transliteration given on the original petition] Ch storekeeper Sofala 都崙 [= “Turon” = Sofala] 10
Tai Loong Fook Kei/Ti Long [the second is the transliteration given on the original petition] Ch storekeeper Sofala 都崙(both characters indistinct, but the second appears to have a “口“ on the left-hand side) [= “Turon” = Sofala] 10
Sam Yik/Sam Yap [the second is the transliteration given on the original petition] Ch storekeeper Sofala 都崙 (first character a regioinal variant written with a “卩” in place of its “阝”) [= “Turon” = Sofala] 10
Choh Ning Tong/Joh Lang Tong [the second is the transliteration given on the original petition] apothecary Sofala 都崙正埠 [= “Turon Main City/Town” = Sofala] 10
San Kam Wah/Sun Kom Wah [the second is the transliteration given on the original petition] Ch storekeeper Sofala 雪梨都䈁 [= Sydney and “Turon” = Sofala] 10
Hap Loong Shing Kei/Ap Long [the second is the transliteration given on the original petition] Ch storekeeper Sofala 都菕 [= “Turon” = Sofala] 10
Loh Yook Foo/Ah Chong [the second is the transliteration given on the original petition] Sofala 10
Sin Po N/A N/A 11
Ah Foo N/A N/A 11
Fook Chuen N/A N/A 11
Ah Sin N/A N/A 11
Foong Wan N/A N/A 11
Leung Hei N/A N/A 11
Tang Hei Hin N/A N/A 11
Ko Chok Yin N/A N/A 11
Ah Mui N/A N/A 11
Ching Yau N/A N/A 11
Wan Ying N/A N/A 11
N/A N/A 11
Kat Tsan N/A N/A 11
Fan Yau Koong N/A N/A 11
N/A N/A 11
N/A N/A 11
N/A N/A 11
Yiu Shui N/A N/A 11
N/A N/A 11
Hei Shing N/A N/A 11
N/A N/A 11
Ng San N/A N/A 11
N/A N/A 11
Fo Yin Kau=address? N/A N/A 11
Lai Sun Je? N/A N/A 11
Shu Fan N/A N/A 11
Koon Yin N/A N/A 11
Ah Foo N/A N/A 11
Ting Kah N/A N/A 11
Ah Tai N/A N/A 11
Look Shau N/A N/A 11
Tai Woon N/A N/A 11
Lou Hei N/A N/A 11
Ah Yam N/A N/A 11
Moon Yi N/A N/A 11
Lin Hoong N/A N/A 11
Choong Ching N/A N/A 11
Ah Ping N/A N/A 11
Ah San N/A N/A 11
Chau Foon N/A N/A 11
Yeung On N/A N/A 11
Shing Foon N/A N/A 11
Ah Kue N/A N/A 11
Ah Fat N/A N/A 11
Ah Hing N/A N/A 11
Chan Wong N/A N/A 11
Ah Kah N/A N/A 11
Ah Koon N/A N/A 11
Ah Shing N/A N/A 11
Ah Chap N/A N/A 11
Ah Shin N/A N/A 11
Ah Tsi
Tai King N/A N/A 11
Yun Kwai Tsi N/A N/A 11
Ho Koon Yun N/A N/A 11
Li Cheong N/A N/A 11
Ah Mui N/A N/A 11
Fook Wan N/A N/A 11
[“Ah Chi?” deleted] N/A N/A 11
Ah Man N/A N/A 11
Ah Shun N/A N/A 11
Ah Shoong N/A N/A 11
Ah Wan N/A N/A 11
Ah Kwan N/A N/A 11
Ah Chau N/A N/A 11
Ah Heung N/A N/A 11
Ah San N/A N/A 11
Woon Wong N/A N/A 11
Lin Woon N/A N/A 11
Ah Kam N/A N/A 11
Ah Ping N/A N/A 11
Ah Ming N/A N/A 11
Ah Foon N/A N/A 11
Ah Kwai N/A N/A 11
Ah Shau N/A N/A 11
Ah Yau N/A N/A 11
Yam Wong N/A N/A 11
Ah Wai N/A N/A 11
[“Yam Ah/Ah yam” deleted] N/A N/A 11
Shing Hei N/A N/A 11
Ah Woh N/A N/A 11
Yun Yi N/A N/A 11
Ah Tsi N/A N/A 11
Ah Ping N/A N/A 11
Ah Shau N/A N/A 11
Ah Yoong N/A N/A 11
Ah Kwai N/A N/A 11
Foo Yun N/A N/A 11
Hoh Kwan N/A N/A 11
Ah Yiu N/A N/A 11
Ah Foon N/A N/A 11
Ah Kat N/A N/A 11
Ah Fat N/A N/A 11
Hoong Chan N/A N/A 11
Ah Poh N/A N/A 11
Hin Wooi 都崙埠 [“Turon Town/City” = Sofala]
Tou Yau Goldminer Sofala 12
Sik Cheung Goldminer Sofala 12
Yiu Yun Goldminer Sofala 12
Pi Hing Goldminer Sofala 12
Sing Cheung Goldminer Sofala 12
Choong Kin Goldminer Sofala 12
Woon Pi Goldminer Sofala 12
Fook Foo Goldminer Sofala 12
Po Kam Goldminer Sofala 12
Kam Chau Goldminer Sofala 12
Chau Chai Goldminer Sofala 12
Yuen Fat Goldminer Sofala 12
Yuen Wong Goldminer Sofala 12
Wong Sheung Goldminer Sofala 12
Dai Tak Goldminer Sofala 12
Tak Tong Goldminer Sofala 12
Hoh Lam Goldminer Sofala 12
Sin Chai Goldminer Sofala 12
Woon Chun Goldminer Sofala 12
Foon Kau Goldminer Sofala 12
King Kwong Goldminer Sofala 12
King Mau Goldminer Sofala 12
Foon Yi Goldminer Sofala 12
Tat Yun Goldminer Sofala 12
Tak Pong Goldminer Sofala 12
Hoong Woh Goldminer Sofala 12
Sing Yau Goldminer Sofala 12
Dai Hei Goldminer Sofala 12
Koon Hoi Goldminer Sofala 12
Yau Cheung Goldminer Sofala 12
Tsai Wan Goldminer Sofala 12
Woon Chai Goldminer Sofala 12
Yiu Foon Goldminer Sofala 都崙埠 [= “Turon Town/City” = Sofala] 13
Yun Yi Goldminer Sofala 13
Hoong Loi Goldminer Sofala 13
Pi Ki Goldminer Sofala 13
Fook Hoong Goldminer Sofala 13
Po Shing Goldminer Sofala 13
Kam Yau Goldminer Sofala 13
Chau Hei Goldminer Sofala 13
Fat Cheung Goldminer Sofala 13
Yuen Nok Goldminer Sofala 13
Kwan Hoi Goldminer Sofala 13
Tsai Lam Goldminer Sofala 13
Ching Yau Goldminer Sofala 13
Sik Foon Goldminer Sofala 13
Tou Chi Goldminer Sofala 13
Yau Tong Goldminer Sofala 13
Wan Tai Goldminer Sofala 13
Yau Wong Goldminer Sofala 13
Hoi Yuen Goldminer Sofala 13
Cheung Chau Goldminer Sofala 13
Woh Woon Goldminer Sofala 13
Yun Shing Goldminer Sofala 13
Yu Tong Goldminer Sofala 13
Yau Shin Goldminer Sofala 13
Pak Cheung Goldminer Sofala 13
Shing Chai Goldminer Sofala 13
King Gong Goldminer Sofala 13
King Chun Goldminer Sofala 13
Soen Chan Goldminer Sofala 13
Foon Chai Goldminer Sofala 13
Chi Chai Goldminer Sofala 13
Po Ho Goldminer Sofala 13
Shing Koong Goldminer Sofala 13
Lou Yan Goldminer Sofala 都崙埠 [“Turon Town/City” = Sofala] 14
Ah Chi Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Kwong Goldminer Sofala 14
Lou King Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Mau Goldminer Sofala 14
Choi Foon Goldminer Sofala 14
Shing Yi Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Chi Goldminer Sofala 14
Yuen Tat Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Yun Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Loi Goldminer Sofala 14
Yam Tak Goldminer Sofala 14
King Pong Goldminer Sofala 14
Kam Hoong Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Woh Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Shing Goldminer Sofala 14
Wah Yau Goldminer Sofala 14
Man Hei Goldminer Sofala 14
Koon Tai Goldminer Sofala 14
So Chai Goldminer Sofala 14
Chi Cheung Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Nok Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Kwan Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Hoi Goldminer Sofala 14
Kam Yau Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah King Goldminer Sofala 14
Po Wan Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Chai Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Nue/Ah Yu Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Yin Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Ching Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Chi Goldminer Sofala 14
Foong Hei Goldminer Sofala 14
Ah Yiu Goldminer Sofala 都崙埠 [“Turon Town/City” = Sofala] 15
Ah Yun Goldminer Sofala 15
Yau Pi Goldminer Sofala 15
Yoong Hing Goldminer Sofala 15
Foh Shang Goldminer Sofala 15
Shing Cheung Goldminer Sofala 15
Ah Choong Goldminer Sofala 15
Chik Kin Goldminer Sofala 15
Mei Woon Goldminer Sofala 15
Leung Pi Goldminer Sofala 15
Ah Fook Goldminer Sofala 15
Ah Foo Goldminer Sofala 15
Ah Po Goldminer Sofala 15
Toong Chuen Goldminer Sofala 15
Lin Chau Goldminer Sofala 15
Ying Chai Goldminer Sofala 15
Ah Fat Goldminer Sofala 15
Ah Yin Goldminer Sofala 15
Chun Wong Goldminer Sofala 15
Yuet Sheung Goldminer Sofala 15
Ah Tai Goldminer Sofala 15
Cho Tak Goldminer Sofala 15
Ah Tong Goldminer Sofala 15
Ah Hoh Goldminer Sofala 15
Kwai Lam Goldminer Sofala 15
Ah Shin Goldminer Sofala 15
Ah No Goldminer Sofala 15
Foo Chai Goldminer Sofala 15
Chun Woon Goldminer Sofala 15
Choo Foon Goldminer Sofala 15
Ah Kau Goldminer Sofala 15
Ah Tok Goldminer Sofala 15
Ah Shun Goldminer Sofala 15