1871, August – Hill End to Minister Lands re Alexander Ross

The Petition:


Hill End, Tambaroora
August 28: 1871


To The Hon’ble

The Minister for Lands
New South Wales



We the undersigned, residents of Hill End begging respectfully to call to your attention to the following case, one we respectfully submit possessing features of extreme hardship.

In the year 1866 Alexander Ross of Tambaroora Street, Hill End Miner, purchased of his father James Ross the improvements on a piece of land situated in Tambaroora Street aforesaid, on which land he the said Alexander Ross has since resided, erecting Dwelling House, outhouses and also cultivating such land.

The said Land had for years prior (or rather, the improvements) been sold and resold for a period of Ten years.

On the 14th day of August last Alexander Ross was served by Senior Constable Ford with notice to quit such land and give possession of such improvements within Fourteen days the same being required for a Reserve Camp for the Police.

In submitting the above case for your consideration we humbly trust that should such land and improvements be taken from our fellow townsman the said Alexander Ross he may be recommended by you to the Government as deserving some pecuniary consideration for such loss.

And your Petitioners will ever pray.


The Petitioners:

Name Address
Rawsthorne, Robt J. Hill End
Hodgson, George Hill End
Pullen, W. ?. Hill End
Hurley, J.P. John Hill End
Wythes, Thomas jr Hill End
Rossiter, John Hill End
Chapple, Alfred Hill End
Weaving, Joseph Hill End
Standen, John Hill End
Finch, Peter
Chappell, Thos.
Stuart, Henry Hill End
Griffiths, Thos.
B? F? Hill End
Bryant, G. W. Hill End
Farmer, John
Bray, John
Kendle, William
Gard, John Hill End
Pidding, J. Hill End
?, John Hill End
Meyer, Peter Hill End
?, John
Giddey, Richard
Windred, Henry Hill End
Jeffree, Samuel Paul Hill End
Charters?, William Hill End
Smith, Henry Hill End
Bates, John Hill End
Paten, Thomas Storekeeper Hill End & Tambaroora
Farmer,W.J. Hill End
Paten, Thomas, Storekeeper Hill End
Fletcher, Geo Hill End
Brand, Robert Hill End
Heness, Francis Hill End