1871, March – Hill End PO 1251 increase in Pastmasters salary

The Petition:


For an increase of salary to P[ost] M[aster] General Post Office
B 1251
Hill End 4. 4. 1871

Tambaroora   March 24 1871

From the Residents Hill End

The Honorable
The Postmaster General


We the undersigned residents of Hill End, have the honor to submit to you that in our opinion the salary allowed for conducting the Post Office at Hill End is utterly inadequate to the proper and efficient discharge of the daily increasing duties of the Office. We would therefore respectfully urge that the desirability of increasing the remuneration may be taken into your early consideration.

We have your honor to be Sir

your obedient Servants


Surname First name/ Initials Occupation
Bryant G ? Butcher
Cummins John Storekeeper
Gard John Storekeeper
Giles John Miner
Hodgson George Storekeeper
Hughes John Storekeeper
Kirkpatrick G. Miner
Krone William Boot Manufacturer
La Roche George Pharmacist
Lewis A.M.W. Mgr.  Austn. Joint Stock Bank
Paten Thos. Storekeeper
Paten L. Storekeeper
Sheppard M.A. Printer?
Tressider John Mining Engineer
Weir John King Hotelkeeper
Williams John Hotelkeeper
Wythes Thos. Hotelkeeper
Wythes Joseph Hotelkeeper