1872, December – Brumbin PO Part 1 SP 32-1 mail service

The Petition:


National Archives of Australia
Bruinbin Post Office File SP32/1



To the Honorable
The Post Master General



We the undersigned residents of Hill End and Tambaroora beg most respectively to bring under your notice the unsatisfactory state of the Postal communication between this District and Sydney and with a view towards effecting an improvement in the mail service we beg to suggest that the bridle track from Bathurst to Hill End be made the route by which letters should be forwarded. Such an arrangement would facilitate all business and mining transactions inasmuch as letters would be delivered here at eleven o’clock in the morning instead of seven in the evening as at present and replies forwarded by return mail at say three PM and delivered in Sydney the following morning. One letter bag made up in Sydney for Hill End and Tambaroora direct would reach Bathurst at 2am and with the bag from the latter place to be in readiness at that hour would be immediately dispatched on horseback and we should have the benefit of four important business hours for reply with the advantage of an actual saving of one whole day. The proposed route is more than twenty miles less than the Coach road by way of Sofala and has many advantages over that road. The only difficulties to surmount between the two places are the Turon River and the Winburndale Creek and to overcome these it would require a wire tramway was over each which would put all delay from floods out of the question Rises in the river just now, of no great magnitude, have entirely cut off all mail communications with the Metropolis and other places on one occasion the mail was delayed for two days, on another for three. The growing importance of the locality demands a regular and prompt mail service and this at present we do not possess. We therefore pray that you will use your influence with the Government to get a sufficient sum of money placed on the estimates to defray the costs of the additional mail contract we propose. We do not desire any alteration at present so far as the heavy portion of the mail is concerned but taking into consideration the frequent and lengthened delays arising from one cause or another in the delivery of our correspondence we beg respectfully to urge your immediate attention to this absolute requirement. And trust your Government will not hesitate in granting the small sum which would be required to carry out the mail contract proposed by us.

We have the honor to be
Your most observant Servants


The Petitioners:

Family name First name Occupation Residence
? Jas. JP
? Jno. Hotel keeper
? John
? George
? ? F
? S
? John
? John M
? H
? James
? JC
? Robert
? ?
? Joseph
? Kenneth
? James
? E?
? Arthur miner Lower Turon
? E resident
? Frederick miner
? Robert mining manager
? John
? WL
? ?
? A ? jeweller
? George
? Richard
? J B ?
? ? hall DA
? Allen James
? Amos David
? Brann Charles
? Brien  Davi?
? Burns Lemuel
? Channra Henry
? Clyne JC
? Common Charles
? Conolly TD
? Costello ? Charles
? Davis John
? Edmonds John
? Filshie Gilbert
? Furness John
? Gilbert ? H
? Graff Philipp
? Howe Wm. H ? D
 Kissell William
? Manwaring M Engineer Lower Turon
? Morris Samuel
? on Edward
? Riddle James
? Ryland C
? Shmith Frank
? Slaven Henry
? Starr Thomas
? Williamson John
? Windred G ?
? Young H
???son D chemist
??utton HA
?avanagh ? hotel keeper
?borough W
?Bow T
?Co ?Jn
?dale store keeper Lower Turon
?Du ? Francis
?Elkins Wm
?Frento ?
?Grant ?
?H William miner Lower Turon
?Hansen Henry
?Huttances Felix
?ing GJH
?itt ? L
?Johnson ? Mining Manager
?L Thos. teacher
?Latona Augustus
?Latty James
?Linch William mining manager Lower Turon
?lmon Henry JP
?mann ?W
?Margorchin A
?mp Stephen
?nton ?
?pen ?
?Pym John ?
?Taylor Herbert
Abel Cain
Ackermann John
Adams Alexander
Adams John ?
Alderman Charles
Alexander David
Allen Isaac
Anderson William
Anderson George
Anderson Alec
Andrew Patrick
Anscomb Arthur
Armadale P
Artlett FWC store keeper
Artlett & son C store keeper
Ascroft John
Ash? Joseph
Axam Charles
B? Victor ? Hill End
Bailey Robert P
Bailey  ? Robert R Hill End
Ball Henry
Bardet Pierre
Barlow James
Barlow E
Barrie James
Bartle Henry
Barton Cha. H
Beasley Charles miner Macquarie
Beaton Charles mining manager
Beattie JJ miner Lower Turon
Benham Daniel
Benson Joseph H store keeper Lower Turon
Berry ? John
Bevering John S commercial traveller
Beyers Louis
Blackett James
Boon Henry
Bork ? miner Lower Turon
Bowler Isaac
Boyd ? Gordon
Br ? Ryan Hill End
Brady Laurence
Brady John
Brady Michel
Brady David
Bragg William store keeper Lower Turon
Bray WA chemist
Brennan James   ?
Brewer J
Broadbent Edward
Brooking Thomas
Brotherton James
Brown Saml
Brown Alexander miner Lower Turon
Brown Samuel engineer
Bryant Peter Mine Manager
Bryant GH
Buc? ?
Buckett Sam
Bullock Alfred
Bulmer Charles
Burns Archd.
Burroughs FC
Butler Thomas
Butler Fred
Butterworth G miner Turon
Cahill John Hill End
Callaghan Patrick
Camden Robert
Capatihos John
Carman Edwin
Carr Edward
Carroll Walter John surgeon
Carroll Walter John surgeon
Carter Joseph Collier
Carter Thomas
Carter Senior Joseph
Cavanagh ?
Chadwick Wm.
Chappell Thos.
Chapple Alfred
Chard Ernest
Chard G
Chatham Charles
Cherry Thomas
Clark JR
Clark George
Clark John Wm auctioneer
Clarke F
Clayton Thomas Wm.
Clayton FW
Collins John
Compton Henry
Conlon Patrick
Conlon John
Connell Flourence
Considine Denis
Conway Maneas
Cook Robert
Cook Robert miner
Cook Robert
Corbett Patrick miner Lower Turon
Corridan MN
Corrie AB
Corrie O
Corrie AB
Cowdery Charles
Cowdery George
Cowell James G mining manager
Cragher Mathew
Creasey Edward
Crichton R
Croll George engineer
Cronk Geo. miner Lower Turon
Crook Charles
Cropper Charles JP
Cross George miner
Cross James
Crossman G publican
Cudley Andrew
Cumins John
Cummings James
Curtin David Hill End
Cutler George
Cutler Geo. draper
Danby / ?Darby John
Danvells William
Davies Ernest O JP
Davis Thomas
Davis R mining manager
Dawson James
Dayrell ?? B
Devins William
Dillon ? John
Dixon John WH
Dixon ?John
Dodds Thos.
Dodds Thomas
Don Alexander
Dorin Thos.
Douglas Robt.
Duncan George
Dunevin George
Dunn William
Dwyer John miner Lower Turon
Ede?son James miner Turon
Edments William
Edwards Daniel Builder
Egan M miner Lower Turon
Elbourn William
Eldridge James
Elliott Edward
Elliott Edw.
Ellis John
Elms Joseph
Embleton George
English PJ
Euston Joseph
Evans R
Evans Evan
Fairbairn John
Fairclif F
Farmer ?
Farrow J
Fawcett Dr
Ferris ? miner
Fieldhouse Henry
Fieldhouse Henry
Fisher W baker Lower Turon
Fletcher Geo. J miner Lower Turon
Foley J
Forsyth W
Forsyth Adam
Fox James
Fraser John
Fride T
Frost Charles
Fry James W Store keeper
G ? R
G? John
Ga? ? packer & carter
Gains William contractor
Gallivant Jerimiah miner Lower Turon
Garbutt Suggett
Gard John
Gard John
Gardner Thomas
Gardner Campbell
Garlick John J
Garlick Richard
Garling SA
Garner Andrew
Garvan Denis C miner Lower Turon
Gavin Patrick
George T
Gibbons Jno. C
Gifford Joseph wheelwright
Gilder A Solicitor
Giles James
Gillard George
Gilmore T
Girdwood James miner Lower Turon
Given Joseph
Glover C
Goodwin Enoch
Gordon Joseph
Gordon James
Gould Henry
Grafsen Peter  ?
Graham Henry
Graham Charles
Grant Charles
Gratton EJ
Greig William
Gunther ?
Hagan James
Haines John
Hales B
Hall W
Hall James
Hall ?Richard
Halliday Mary
Halloran Michael miner Turon
Hamilton CJ
Hammond Richd.
Hancock Edward miner Lower Turon
Hand Benjamin
Hanley R
Hanna Hugh hotel keeper
Hansen John mining engineer
Hardie Thomas
Hardy Thomas
Harlovich Antonio miner
Harper James miner Lower Turon
Harris Tommy
Harrison Geo. miner
Hart Louis H tobacconist
Harvey James
Harvey Richard
Hatcher William
Haven Maurice W
Hawkins William
Heiser Robert
Helsly Thomas store keeper
Henley Richard
Herrmann Frank tinsmith
Hew? William
Hewett SG
Hill N
Hilton George
Hodgson George Store keeper
Hollis William
Hollis George
Holm ?  M
Holman William
Hosie Stanley store keeper
How Wm. John
Howard JH
Howard Wm H miner Lower Turon
Howard ?
Hudson Bros & Co timber merchants
Hughes Hugh
Humphery George miner Lower Turon
Humphrey John store keeper Lower Turon
Hunter John
Hyman Samuel commercial traveller
Inch John
Ingersole James butcher
Ingham Joseph
Jaffrey Thomas
Jeffery Charles
Jeffree John Mechanical Engineer
Jeffree Albert
Johns William
Johnsen Julius
Johnson RS
Johnson Louis
Johnston Nicol
Johnston Geo.
Johnston JW
Johnston Nicol miner Lower Turon
Jones Hugh
Jones James
Jones John ? Hotel Keeper
Joyce William
Keith William
Kellie A N
Kellie ?
Kelly John
Kelly John Costain builder
Kelly T
Kennedy ?
Kennedy James
Kenney Edward
Kerr Oswald
King C
King Laurence None
King Nicholas
Kirby Thomas
Kirk P
Knight Thomas
Knight George
Knipler Henry
Knyvett Arthur
L Joseph ?   ?   Painter
L ? Benjamin
Lane John
Laport Alfred billiard room keeper
Larkin Michael
Laundess Henry
Lavers Henry
Le Messurier Alfred
Lean William
Lean S
Lee RE Editor Times
Lees JW ?  
Lesley Fred
Letcher James
Letcher James
Lewis Wm.
Lewis EJ store keeper
Leyland John
Liels Albert
Linch John
London Jno. Surveyor
Longford John
Love Daniel
Lowe Stanley
Lowe George
Luff ? butcher
Lyall JM
Lynam Joseph
Lyon ? DC
M James
M? Will
Macann James
Macarthur James miner Lower Turon
Mackander Robert
Maclean Allan
Magin JC
Maher Patrick
Mallon James miner Lower Turon River
Manby Sr Edw.
Manson & Co. draper
Marchioli Innocenzo
Marsh ? M
Marshall Tho. Geo.
Marshall Mont
Marshall Hugh miner
Marshall Jun. Tho. Geo.
Mathew Henry
Matthews James miner Lower Turon
May Cha. M
May ?? Charles
Mc?ick ?
McCafferty Edward miner
McCormack Thomas
McDonald Charles baker & confectioner
McDonald ?
McDowall W draper Hill End
McEacherin Archibald  ?
Mcfedries WJ miner Lower Turon
McGrath John  ?
McGrath Matthew
McInnes Duncan
McKee James
McKenzie William miner Lower Turon
McLoughlin Wm.
McLoughlin P
McMahon John Contractor
McMullen Michael
McPherson Duncan
McPherson William mining manager Lower Turon
Mcvay Charles
Meli Thomas C
Merrett ?GW
Merris John C
Merris John
Miller Henry
Miller Henry N miner
Miller Frank miner
Mills Robert
Mingramm Fr. jeweller
Mitter? James
Molloy Patrick
Monies Thomas
Monies Thomas hotel keeper
Moore Nathaniel
Moore William
Moore M  ?
Moore Thos. miner Lower Turon
Moran Michael
Moran John miner Lower Turon
Moran John Thomas auctioneer
Moriarty M
Morse Patrick
Moses Lewis
Moses M
Murphy Patrick
Murphy Patrick miner Lower Turon
Mustaka Peter
Mya Peta store keeper
Myer Diedrich miner
Myer & Siefke Tobacconist
Nash B.A. W Henry Civil engineer & Surveyor
Newman Alfred Auctioneer
Nicholes Nick
Nickless Charles
Nicolas J
Nixon James
Norris Albert
Northy Josiah
Nunn William miner
O Connell John MD   ?
O’Grady John
Oat James
Oldag Ch.
On Gay & Co store keeper
Osman Charles hair dresser
P ? J ?
Pahlar William
Palmer John
Parks Robert
Parsons ? Jaem
Pascoe JS
Pattinson Jonathan H
Pattison John
Paxton James
Payne ?Pe ?
Pearce John
Pearce Wm.
Pearce JD
Pearson John
Pendelberry A
Petric John
Phillips R
Phillips Joel
Philp Richard
Pickett Henry
Pitfield Wm.
Plummer William
Porter Robert store keeper
Powell Thos.
Price George
Price Edward
Price Edw.
Price George
Purcell Philip
Pursey TF
Pymont Alfred store keeper
Quinn ? store keeper
R ? L
Radford Sml. miner
Radley John
Randall Alfred
Randall A watchmaker
Read John miner Macquarie
Readford Edward
Regan Patrick
Regan Michael
Reily Thomas
Renateau J
Rensall Robert
Rensall ?  R
Reynolds Charles
Richardson ?
Richardson John P
Rickard Joseph
Rickards Thos.
Ridgway Chs.
Ridmont Gilbert
Roberts John
Roberts William
Robinson John
Robinson John
Robson William
Rodd Ephraim Store Keeper
Rogers ?Edwd.
Rolands Thomas miner
Rosing Niel
Ross Alexander
Ross Joseph ?
Rowe William
Rowley Joseph
Rowley FW baker Lower Turon
Rowley W reporter Times
Ryan Patrick
Ryan Matthew
Sales James                                                          
Sams William
Samuel James
Sanson W
Sawyers Eli
Sawyers William
Scale Patrick miner
Scott James
Sharp Thomas
Shaw Colin miner Lower Turon
Sheargold John
Sheehan James
Sheppard MA Prop. Times Hill End
Shipway Charles
Shipworth William
Si Ti Lum
Siddons John
Simpson Charles
Slattery Thomas blacksmith
Smethurst RC
Smith Ernest
Smith Thomas
Smith John
Smith John
Smith John H
Smith Henry
Smith Henry
Smith John miner Lower Smith
Smith ?
Sneider John J
Solomon Charles
Spence Thomas
States George
Stephenson Robert
Stevenson T ?
Stewart J?
Stodart Daniel
Stringer Samuel
Stuart Henry Store keeper
Sullivan Thos.
Sutton GT
Symes John ?
Tallentire Jacob
Tattersall James
Taylor George
Therry James
Thomas Francis
Thomas W
Thomas Geo. H ?reporter
Thompson John Prince of Wales theatre
Thompson Frank
Tindale George
Totolos Christie
Tribble John B
Triffone Peter
Tunnicliff RC miner Lower Turon
Tyrrell Robert miner Lower Turon
Unsworth Frederick
Vaughan Chas. Curate of Hill End
Veres George
W Thos.
W ? W?
Wa? John
Walker JF mining manager
Wallace Jane
Wallace James
Walsh H
Walsh John miner Lower Turon
Walton Edw. Prop.  Observer  Newspaper
Warburton ? George
Ward? Thos.
Waterhouse John miner Lower Turon
Waters Patrick J
Waters John
Watson T
Watson  ?
Watt J
Weal John publican
Webster N
Weir John King Hotel keeper
Weir Thos. G Cordial manufacturer
Werrall Charles
Wesley Thomas
Westphal Henry
Westphal V
Whelan John
Whelter Richard
Whitaker Henry
White John
White H ?
Wiggins James
Wilkinson William miner Lower Turon
Williams John
Williams P
Williams Thomas N
Williams Jno. RW
Williams Griffith
Williamson CA
Willis George
Wilson ? Henry
Wilson WG
Windred Charles
Windsor John
Winsley Sydney Hill End
Wood William
Wright James
Wright Thos. miner Lower Turon
Young Samuel
Young George baker Lower Turon