1873, February – Upper Turon Goldfields residents re teacher W.E. Liardet

The Petition:


73/974                                                    Palmers Oakey
______ D. Buchanan                                     Upper Turon

5 Feb. 73                                                      October, 1872


David Buchanan Esquire
Member of the Legislative Assembly



1. We the undersigned inhabitants of this gold field do pray that you will cause an inquiry into our grievance, for the purpose of rectifying the same if possible. We trust although a small community our petition will not be thought lightly of and hope that you in your high position will see, if possible, justice done to the person, whom we consider has been very unfairly treated, as he has been discharged from the service of the council of Education, in such a
manner, as to render it impossible for him to procure an appointment as teacher again.

2. We never saw any child brutally punished, or heard of any so treated.

3. We declare that we never sent our children to the school on the two days it was closed. The school was closed for the want of attendance. On those two days, we felt bound to shew the proper respect due to the burial of two very old residents.

4. On wet days only, do we know of the school being dismissed at irregular hours, and the recess of one hour and a half, is not given, but devoted to instruction the children then being dismissed somewhat earlier, which we most decidedly approve of.

5. We know of nothing against Mr. W.E. Liardet (late teacher) and we consider that he has been unjustly treated, by malicious proceedings of a few persons.

6. The Council of Education have violated their own rules (Article 69) by appointing a School Board totally unfit to be placed over any teacher.

7. We are deprived of the services of a man that we place every confidence in, and who has, ever since he came amongst us, endeavoured to benefit us by using every effort to advance and educate our children.

8. This case was not brought before us by the School Board, but reported to the Council of Education in a clandestine manner, taking teacher and all of us by surprise, and many who could have given evidence against these falsehoods, owing to being at work, and knowing nothing of the matter, were unable to do so, and we have to resort to this for the restoration of the teacher’s character, as we consider the decision of the Council unjust, and a poor return for a man who has endeavoured to do his duty.

We your constituents, trust that you as a Member for the gold fields, will use every effort
in our behalf.

We have the Honor to be,
Your most obedient servants

The Petitioners:

Anderson John
Beirger George
Bower G.
Buckerfield Frank H.
Cravigan Richard
Dunthel Jacob
Dyson James
Fel_ _ _ P eter
Ferguson Duncan
Foster Thomas
Fox John
Franks Charles
Franks Mrs. C.
Franks John T.
Franks Rhoda A.
Frost Thomas
Harvey Edwin
Hill James
Hopkins Daniel
Jeffry Mrs.
Jeffrys William
Jones V. Pulli?___
Jones John
Kennedy W.B.
Kerr Daniel
L _ _ izes Manael
McCarthy John
McIntyre Alexander
McKinnon John _.
McKinnon _reke
McKinnon Peter
McMahan Rickard
McVernnon Peter
Miller W.W.
Moron James
Munro David D.
Pearson Robert
Phillips Margaret
Phillips W.G.
Scoble John
Shaw Henry
Simpson Henry
Stassforth C.
Stevenson Henery
Theobald? Henry
Tyrell John
White Peter



73/974 (Part 2)                                         Palmers Oakey

October 1st 1872


From the Committee of inquiry, to David Buchanan Esquire M.L.A. respectfully requesting his assistance


David Buchanan Esquire M.L.A.



1. We the Committee duly formed by the people ,who being a large majority upon this small though rising gold-field, to inquire into the Investigation, held in the Public School at this place by Mr. Inspector McCredie on the 3rd & 4th days of September, do most respect fully request that you, in your high position, and
being our representative, will aid us in this much needed act of justice, which will tend to remove the great wrong done our late Teacher Mr. W.E. Liardet, through a malicious vindictive feeling of a few persons. The whole affair is nothing but a conspiracy, and its object, for the removal of the Teacher.

2. This matter was done in a clandestine manner by the School Board; they never gave the late Teacher the slightest notice, that any charges were to be brought against him.

3. The teacher when entitled to two weeks’ holidays, during the Christmas vacation, gave one week, and the other was devoted to giving instruction in the school, also two days separately (were spent in the same manner) viz. the Anniversary of the Colony, and the day of thanksgiving for the recovery of the Prince of Wales. This we consider, viz. keeping the School open, when authorized to close it by The Council of Education.

4. It will be on the inquiry clearly shewn that Messes M. .McDonnell & J. Wannick were the Instigators of this plot against Mr. Liardet.

5. Article 69 of the Public School Act, the Council of Education have violated, by appointing persons totally unfit to be Members of the School Board.

6. This case is truly worthy of your most kind consideration, because upon Investigation it will be found that the Teacher has been very wrongfully treated, and we your constituents, pray you to use your best endeavours to regain for the Teacher his character, as we consider he justly deserves better treatment.


We have the Honor to be,
Your most obedient servants

Members of                              John Fy(raell?)
The Committee                        W.G. Phillips
Of Inquiry                                James Moxon
Frank H. Ruckerfield