1874, October – Crudine PO B 4858 re mail service

The Petition:


B 4858 –  General Post Office –  10.10.74


A Post Office at Crudine

To the Honorable
The Postmaster General


(Residents at Crudine)



Your Petitioners would humbly call your attention to the very unsatisfactory and inconvenient state we are placed in regarding our correspondence. In order to get our correspondence we are obliged to go to Upper Pyramul a distance of 8 miles from the nearest point; to Sofala a distance of 13 miles, or to Ilford a distance of 13 miles. During wet weather the Creek gets impassable even on horseback to Upper Pyramul and Sofala, which causes a great delay in obtaining our correspondence and of course infuring us as Farmers in not being apprised of the state of the Markets.

Being all Farmers and Residents on this place, whose signatures are appended, and knowing the interest you take in Postal Communication, we sincerely hope you will be kind enough to grant us a Post Office with a weekly or biweekly mail to and from Ilford, as you may think requisite.

Hoping Sir, you will be kind enough to grant our request, you Petitioners will ever pray, etc.

We have the honor to be Sir,
Your very Obedient Servants,

Crudine, via U Pyramul
Oct. 6th, 1874


The Petitioners:

Alderson, John
Bow, David
Boys, R
Breach, Henry
Buckthorpe, Thomas
Clark, B
Conran, D
Conran, T
Corness, Luke  –  X his mark
Cummings, John
Dicks, J
Doweny, J
Elkins, W
Enright, C
Farrington, W
Fry, T H
Giles, E
Giles, J
Giles, W
Glasscock, W
Green, G
Green, T
Green, W
Grimshaw, Charles
Hacet, C
Hanslow, B J
Hapwood, Thomas
Heath, John
Heath, T
Hewson, Samson?
Hogan, J
Howard, Charles
Howard, W John
Kennedy, Thomas
Kennedy, Thomas Jun
Lark, Alexander
Lark, Widow
Learment, A Junr
Learment, A Senr
Lowe, Benj
Lowe, Hamilton
Lowe, James Jun
Lowe, James Senior
Lowe. A
Lowe. R
McGarry, Edward
Mitchel, C
Moir, John
Oakes, William
O’Brien, Charles
O’Brien, E
O’Brien, James – X his mark
O’Brien, Michael
O’Brien, Stephen Junr
O’Brien, Stephen Senr
Perkins, N
Reeves, Samuel  –  X his mark
Reid, William
Roberts, H
Rose, G
Shaw, T
Smith, W
Vincent, S
Winspor, William
Wright, George
Wright, T