1862, April – Tambaroora residents re John Peisley

The Petition:

62/1853                                   To His Excellency Sir John Young

15 Apr 63                                Governor in Chief in and over the

Executive Com.                      Territory of New South Wales and its

J.Y.                                            Dependencies __ ___ ________ of

Same etc. etc. etc.

May it please you Excellency

We the undersigned residents of the Mining District of Tambaroora, by leave most Respectfully and modestly to address a few lines to Your Excellency on behalf of the unfortunate individual now lying in Bathurst gaol under the most awful Sentence of Death –  vis. John Peisley.

1stly We would honestly beg to impress upon your Excellency’s mind that it is not with the view of Supporting – upholding – or encouraging crime in the least degree, under any shape that we have resorted to the present effort to save the life of a fellow creature, felling but too well assured of your Excellency’s determination not to allow the Escutcheon of the royal prerogative of mercy at your Excellency’s disposal, to become soiled or tarnished by the encouragement of so base an attempt.

2ndly We would not seek to exonerate the subject of any appeal on account of any extraordinary victuo of forbearance which he might or might not have exercised or in his alleged cause, but rather rest our hope on a far througher basis than the flimsy attempt at a recrimination of (and, we regret to say it,) the existing living causes of the young man’s downfall , nor yet from the extenuating circumstances that might be drawn from a comparison of the present case, to that of the deliberate destroyer of the late Mr. Mooney of the Meroo.

3rdly  In so doing we would even venture within the precinct of ordinary rule and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ on your Excellency’s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ so far as voluntarily to venture in this case of “life versus death” (one of the most serious and solemn this can possibly be submitted for your Excellency’s consideration) our truthful and candid opinion, – in recording which we cannot avoid expressing it thus, that as far as “temporal” punishment be conceived, the very extension of your Excellency’s clemency in the case would re???ound to the cause of Christianity & equally if not much more to vindicate the Christian laws and complete the ends of ”temporal” justice with far greater severity that even the destruction of human life could accomplish.

Under the forgoing premise we most earnestly and respectfully entreat your Excellency to withhold your fatal signature.

We cannot possibly urge more, but as Christians we beg to subscribe ourselves

Your Excellency’s humble supplicants

The Petitioners:

Appleby(?) William
Armstrong James
Armstrong William
Badman Samuel
Beard Samuel B
Bend ?
Bowen James
Brown John
Brydon W.
Bugget ? William
Burgess William
Burness Thos.
Butler Thomas
Chandler John
Cla_ _er Edward
Cland Thomas
Clarke Lewis
Clyne E.D.
Coleman Rick
Cooke John
Cooper T.(S)(J).
Cox T.
D_t____ Thos.
Dewdney George
Dillistone ? Thos.
Dixon Joseph
Domineck James
Domneo John
Doughety Ewd.
En_ _ _ _ _ James
English William
Evans James
Farrington R.
Fensey ? Issac
Fensy John
Francis John
Fraser Angus
Furey James
Gain James
Gain Geo
Gaynon Patrick
Goddard ?
Goddard William
Golding John
Grant John
Guagen John
Hadely Walter
Hammond P.H.
Hart Thomas
He(n)?? James
Heap William
Hena ? Peter
Herring Merrice
Hickey John
Hill Enoch
Holston Henry
Hunt Charles
Hutting John
Jee__  (Ter) William
Jeffree(?) Philip
Jeffrey Jun Phillip
Jenkins James
Jensen? Issac
Jensen? John
Johnson James
Johnson James
Jones William
Kissell William
Lashper? David
Letcher James
Levy Thomas
Lewis Thomas
Long Edwd
Luckman John
Lynch John
Maher Edward
Martin John
Mathews Henry
McAppion Nelson
McGarritty Joseph
McKennon? Owen
McKeough John
McNamara Patrick
Monahan His X Mark Mathius
Moore James
Morrison Angus
Morrisy Patt?
Mullen J. _.
Mullen J.
Murphy Thomas
Murphy John
Noble Geo P.
O’Keefe Michael
Parkins Thos.
Paten Thomas
Paxton Jas.
Payne Ew?
Payne Samuel
Penfold R. Harper
Pietzcker Hugo
Pope John
Pullen ?
Pullen William
Reid James
Reid Robert
Reid Isaac
Renshall John
Renshaw John
Robinson John
Romley ? Edward
Sellard? John
Sharp Edward J.
Sibley William
Sibley William
Slack -Postmaster Tambaroora William James
Smith John
Smith Thomas
Standen Samuel
Tanner Thomas
Thompson Thomas
Wade Robt
Watson ? J
Weir John King
Whittiker J.(O).
Wicked James
Willard J. W
William Cullen
Wythes Edward
Wythes Jn Thos.