Hill End & Tambaroora – a brief history

Hill End is a village situated on the Central Tablelands of NSW, 76kms north of Bathurst and 72kms south of Mudgee. It is all that remains of the once famous Tambaroora Goldfields.

Prior to the Australian goldrush, which commenced in May 1851, the Hill End district had been a sheep and cattle run, leased by William Cummings of Peel. Only weeks after the rush to Ophir, hardy prospectors battled their way up the precipitous Oakey Creek onto flat and open country and were finding good gold at the Dirt Holes and the “Tambaroura” as well as Bald Hill, now known as Hill End. By December 1851 prospectors from the north had unearthed rich auriferous alluvial deposits in Golden Gully. The miners flocked there. In the winter of 1852 it was the most populous goldfield in New South Wales and the thriving town of Tambaroora had been born.

In this first decade of alluvial mining the fortunes of Tambaroora and the much smaller village of Hill End, 5kms to the south, fluctuated with the weather. When there were prolonged spells without rain, many miners moved to the river valleys or joined the frequent rushes and so the businesses followed them.

As the alluvial gold became scarce, the miners increasingly prospected for gold bearing reefs. A profitable reef had been briefly worked at Bald Hill as early as 1854, another at Tambaroora in 1859, but the most significant find was the line of reef discovered on the crest of Hawkins Hill in 1858. As the 1860s progressed, more discoveries were made further down this hill, until by 1868, a compact line of highly promising mines operated, about 800 metres in a north-south line, the result of years of slow blasting by persevering and indigent miners. Between 1869 and 1872 great hopes were raised by these mines, the most famous of which was the ‘Star of Hope’. Krohmann’s, Paxton’s and the Northumberland also led the way. The sensational blasting at 1871 became the catalyst for the opening of the Sydney Stock Exchange in 1872. On the 19th October 1872 the greatest mass of gold ever extracted was taken from the ‘Star of Hope’.