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      Sorry I have forgotten the name of the gentleman interested in this name.
      I came accross the Boesenberg name in the Danish Census record for 1803 for the German Duchy of Holstein. (Holsten). Because of the ongoing wars between Denmark and Prussia you can sometimes find details of the same family in census records for both countries, ( Schleswig-Holstein). Details are:

      All members of the household

      Name: Age: Married?: Pos. in household: Occupation: Birth place:
      Georg Hausleiter 44 Verheir. Hausvater Schneider
      Anna Hausleiter 58 Verheir. Dessen Frau
      Abraham Hoppe 33 Verheir. Schwiegersohn Schiffszimmermann
      Hanna Hoppe 24 Verheir. Dessen Frau
      Anna Hoppe 6 Unverheir. Ihre Tochter
      Henriette Hoppe 2 Unverheir. Ihre Tochter
      Friederich Lensinger 28 Unverheir. Mietsmann Mauergesell
      Anna Boesenberg 26 Unverheir. Mietsfrau
      Friederich Boesenberg 1 Unverheir. Ihr unehelicher Sohn

      All members of the household

      Name: Age: Married?: Pos. in household: Occupation: Birth place:
      Johann Boesenberg 82 Verheir. Hausvater Tischler
      Margaretha Boesenberg 62 Verheir. Dessen Frau
      Anna Boesenberg 22 Unverheir. Ihre Tochter
      Johann Boesenberg 20 Unverheir. Ihr Sohn
      Johann Bockendorff 25 Unverheir. Gesell
      Andreas Reimer 23 Unverheir. Gesell
      Carl Ehrland 21 Unverheir. Lehrbursche
      Christian Harmsen 19 Unverheir. Lehrbursche

      This is a link to tyhe site:
      Hope this will be of some help

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      Thanks Russell. I will check for any connection. My Bosenbergs resided in the town of Bad Lauterberg, on the southern side of the Harz Mountains in central Germany from c1806 till the 1840s. Eight of their nine children were born there including Carl August Wilhelm who lived in Hill End from the late 1860s till his death in October 1888. Carl August was a baker and sailed from Hamburg to Adelaide in 1847. He married in Adelaide and had five children there before moving to NSW. He purchased a one acre block of land in Hill End in May 1873. His daughter, Johanna, married my Great-grandfather, Charles Beaton, in St Saviours Church, Tambaroora in June 1872.
      John Beaton

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